3rd Trimester 30for30 Day 4: 7+12+25


I am now apparently losing quality when I crop/resize my photos. Why is this so hard for me?


I'm wearing:
-#7: Mossimo Color-Block Maxi Dress, navy/orange/white
-#12: Merona Pointelle Cardigan, elephant gray
-#25: Aerosoles Laser Printz Ballet Flats, dark orange

-H&M white tank top
-Forever 21 tassel necklace
-Chico's bangle bracelets (gift)

This dress has become one of my favorite maternity pieces. It's not a maternity dress--I bought it from the regular section at Target last summer--but it's always been a bit big in the chest. Which means it fits perfectly now. I think the orange band under the bust is really flattering for the pregnant bod, too, since it serves as a delineation between my chest and my belly and I look less like one large blob.

I don't like these shoes with this, as they are orange, but not the same orange as the band on the dress, but I'm just about out of shoe options, even if I were willing to add another pair or two to my 30for30 lineup. My feet are staying swollen most of the day/night now, and most of my shoes simply do not fit. These ones only barely fit--they aren't comfortable. It really is flip flops time, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Still, I'd lay money that by the end of this 30for30, unless something changes drastically, you're going to be seeing flip flops with most outfits.

It's only Day 4 and I am already frustrated with my 30 for 30 choices. I don't know if it's that I chose badly or just that I don't have a lot of options at this size/shape, but nothing seems quite right, and I know I don't have enough bottoms, with only three skirts and one pair of ill-fitting pants to get me through a week. So...yeah. I'm going to try to stick this challenge out, but I'm not feeling terribly confident today.

Also, I don't know if you can see it well in these pictures, but I am wearing Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in the new coral color, and I LOVE it.


Grace, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look today! You look stylie and glowing.

I LOVE this dress. It is absolutely fantastic on you.

This is my favorite so far. It also looks much more comfortable. The good thing about the flip-flops is that it's spring and your feets probably won't get too cold. Be comfortable!!!!

Grace - you look so beautiful in this dress (and shoes too) - healthy and "glowing" - only two+ months to go, hang in there....we can't wait!!

I loved this dress on you when you weren't pregnant and it's great how it's lent itself so well to your changing figure! Shoes while pregnant - ugh. I only wore this one pair of Steve Madden platform shoes that had a super wide elastic top. Like flip flops but with no toe thingy. I don't know what this kind of shoe is actually called but it was comfortable! I could just slip them on and off and the elastic expanded with my swelling feet so they fit through my whole pregnancy.

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