3rd Trimester 30for30 Day 5: 3+11+23+24


When I pictured myself pregnant, this is the kind of outfit I assumed I'd wear. It's cute, right? Like normal clothes, only with a big belly. So, of course, this is the kind of outfit that I rarely wear. I just bought this shirt, though, and I love it (yay Target!). It's comfortable, long enough, flattering, and seems on-trend. I am tempted to get a navy and white one as well.


How huge does my belly look in that right picture? I kinda love it.

I'm wearing:
-#3: Thyme Maternity denim skirt (hand-me-down)
-#11: Mossimo Ultra-Soft Cocoon Sweater, seaweed (why yes, this IS the same sweater as Day 3 in a different color!)
-#23: Merona Maternity Scoop-Neck Shirred Side Fashion Tank, Ebony/Cocoa striped
-#24: Nine West leopard print flats

-H&M black tank top (hand-me-down)
-wooden beaded wrap bracelet (no idea)
-yellow paper bead necklace (gift)

My feet are really too swollen for these shoes. :(


I like this one. You look comfortable and cute. And yes, quite babyful :)

Give yourself a break - give up on the uncomfortable shoes. It happens, it's not a comment on you -- just a reality of pregnancy.

Gestatin's too short to have painful feet (well, if it can be avoided!).

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