3rd Trimester 30for30 Day 6: 2+20+28


Yay, weekend! Today's planned activities include a trip to Babies R Us and a manicure/pedicure appointment. The weather is probably not going to cooperate with this outfit all day, but it's nice right now, so I'm going to risk it.


These pictures are really weird. Sorry about that.

I'm wearing:
-#2: Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Super Stretch Boot Cut Maternity Jeans
-#20: m.e. sleeveless tunic, white (Marshall's, I think it may be a swimsuit cover-up)
-#28: Teva Mandalyn Wedge Flip Flops

-Old Navy Maternity black tank top
-red shell circle necklace (no idea)
-turquoise threaded bangle bracelets (from last summer...Ebay, I think?)

I really like this top/tunic/whatever. I'm not sure how actually useful it's going to be, as far as wearing it lots of different ways, but I think it's cute like this, and it makes me feel less like a house. So there's my maternity fashion advice for the day--don't neglect to look at the swimsuit cover ups!

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