Am I going to become a Mommy Blogger?


I was asked recently, in what I assume was a serious way, if I am becoming a Mommy Blogger/if What if No One's Watching? is becoming a Mommy Blog.

After my initial response ("Of course! Have you seen the Mommy Blogger market share?!"), and subsequent wave of irritation, I decided this question was worth a public answer. Chances are, if one person has asked it, others are wondering as well.

I don't plan to become any kind of blogger other than the one I've always been. What if No One's Watching? has always been, and will remain, a personal blog. I blog about what I am interested in blogging about at any given time, and that's not going to change. Right now, that means I'm blogging quite a bit (though not exclusively) about pregnancy, as pregnancy is what is foremost on my mind. I'm sure that it will also mean blogging quite a bit about kid-related stuff, as having a kid, especially a new kid, is going to put those topics on my mind quite a lot as well.

To my way of thinking, this isn't really a whole lot different than any other time I've gotten interested in something and blogged about it a lot (which has certainly happened, many times, since the beginning of this blog). All of these subjects (Buffy, makeup, clothes, politics, whatever) have been interesting to some readers and boring to others. I suspect parenting-related posts will have a similar impact. Jokes about the brand relationships it could help me achieve aside, I have no intention and no wish to move to a completely parenting-oriented blog. I like blogging about a lot of different things, and I've never had the attention span to stick to one topic, even when I have tried to. The thing that will remain consistent on this blog is the only thing that ever has--me.

All of that being said, I am excited to do some "mommy blogging." Heather Armstrong's letters to her first daughters on Dooce, are among my favorite things written on anybody's blog, ever. I want to do that. I want to do it for me, and for this kid, and if any of you are interested in reading it, that's great, but if not, you can just skip those posts. I won't be offended.

I also have a lot of ideas for posts I want to write about feminism and pregnancy, and feminism and parenting. These are hard ones to think through and write, which is why you haven't seen any of them yet, but they are still percolating in my addled brain. Again, I think those will be of interest to some of my regular readers, but if they aren't, they, like everything else, can be skipped. I know there are people reading now who don't give the slightest damn about makeup, or clothes, or Sons of Anarchy, and I would assume they just scroll past the posts on those subjects. I don't see why parenting topics would need to be any different.

So, does that answer the question?


Oh! I'm looking forward to reading your letters to your child. I enjoyed reading Dooce's to her daughters. The letters convey the tenderness as well as the joy and constant chaos of having a child. :)

So... can you tell me exactly what defines one as a "Mommy Blogger?" I've often wondered. Because one blogs about children, is one then nothing more than a Mommy? Oh, the discussions this could open up!

I love blogs that aren't limited to one topic and reflect the blogger's range of interests. I have tons of interests myself and write about whatever I feel like. Except for on the food blog but that's because it made sense to me to separate recipes out from my personal posts. So I'm happy you're going to stick to what you're doing.

Incidentally, I fiercely object to anyone referring to me as a "mommy". Not even my kid does that. But in spite of my strong dislike for that word - I think -parenting blogs have brought a lot of good work to the blogging world. There are definitely a lot of truly crap parenting blogs but there are quite a few out there that make me feel so much less alone in my worst parenting moments, that can make me laugh about the tough parts and remind me to appreciate the good moments. So while I rarely read blogs solely dedicated to parenting - I do value them.

And I am enjoying getting to read about your pregnancy journey though I'm not commenting so much to keep myself out of hot water.

I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been lurking for quite some time. I've really enjoyed your pregnancy posts, as I just had a little girl 6 weeks ago. I'm struggling to figure out what direction to take my food blog. Whenever I start to write a post, it usually ends up being about my daughter who is, while cute, not so tasty. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how your blog evolves once you have your baby!

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