Thrift Share Monday, I've missed you!


While it may not actually have been a thousand years since I've thrifted, it kinda feels that way. When I was sick and exhausted for the first four or five months of pregnancy, thrifting was the last thing that appealed to me. However, in recent weeks, I've been back in the saddle, as it were, so I'm thrilled to hook back up with Thrift Share Monday this week and show you some finds from a couple of weeks ago!

thrift haul.jpg

My haul, from bottom left: two tank tops, both long enough for maternity wear; a vintage cake holder, a large Italian-made glass jar, a Mexican style pottery cat, a small carved wooden bear, and two sets of silicone egg poachers.

You may think this is a strange assortment, and I accept that, but I promise there is a reason behind each thing! The tank tops are self-explanatory--I'm growing out of everything and long-length tanks are one of my lifesavers. The big glass jar was a godsend, as I've been eating a metric ton of granola lately, and haven't had anything nice to put it in after I make it (you can actually see a weekly batch on the counter behind my thrift finds in that first photo). The egg poachers are these, and they were a gift for Mark, who found them as thrilling as only he would. But the other finds are the ones I'm really excited about...

cat and bear.jpg

These two little guys represent additions to my two most favorite thrifted collections. The cat is a new member of my Mexican style pottery collection, which all grew out of my thrifting this really cool owl way back when. The owl has since been joined by a duck, a fish, some other sort of a bird, and now this adorable cat. I just love the style in which these are painted. The bear is a member of an even older collection, began when I found a carved wooden pig at the thrift store and could not put it down. The big has two hippo buddies, two dolphin buddies, a crane friend, and now a small bear to play with. And you begin to see how the combination of thrifter and collector can get dangerous...

cake plate.jpg

The hard-to-photograph cake plate is, however, my favorite find from this trip. I've wanted one of these for a long, long time. I love cake plates in general, and have a couple of glass ones, but these mid-century aluminum versions have always been my favorite, and this is the first one I've ever spotted in a thrift store. No, it's not worth anything, and yes, I could have just purchased one from Etsy for not a whole lot more than I paid for this one (it was overpriced at my thrift store), but it's a thrifting bucket list kind of item and I was stoked to bring it home.

Ah, that felt good! I doubt I'll be a weekly Thrift Share Monday contributor again anytime soon, but I do hope to make sporadic appearances now that I'm back on my game. I've missed it!


I ADORE that cake plate. Great finds!

My mother in law runs a thrift shop and I love much awesome stuff I have stumbled upon in her shop. Stuff she forgot that she even had.

Love the owl and I'd really like to see a picture of the fish to see if it's like one I have! Great cake holder's so nice to find something you've wanted for a long time!

I love the cake plate thing. I have a round one, but I've never seen a square one before. I thought I was the only one who had a thifting bucket list. Mine keeps growing though!

Wdlcome back! I love how the cake holder says CAKE just to be clear. Heh.

I understand the pregnant not wanting to thrift thing. I had the same feeling during the first trimester Barfy days...

OMG that cake holder. I have been looking for a good cake tray forever but THAT is out of this world. Total score!

That is a cute cake plate! I love thrift stores, so much to look at. :)

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