Welcome, Spring!


We spent a good chunk of time this weekend picking out and planting new plants in our back deck pots. And by we, I mean Mark--I did a lot of picking and some arranging, but no actual getting my hands dirty. That's my kind of division of labor!

It's possible that we bought a few too many plants for our pot space...

Plants ready to plant

Mark takes planting pretty seriously:

Mark planting

Mark planting

I think this pot is my favorite:

New pot

Though I like this one a lot, too...

New pot

And this one is also nice:

New pot

Lots of last year's herbs came back, so we just had to supplement them a little bit.

Pretty new herbs

Once everything is in, time to water!

Watering them in

And then mulch. Mark loves mulch.

Mark loves to mulch!

Now to watch them grow!

New plants!


I'm considering doing some planting this year, but I don't have very much room on my back patio. That means I can't really have a lot of large pots sitting around since they take up too much space. Can you make any recommendations on a planter? Thanks :)

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