I really love this top. I hope it fits after pregnancy. It's not maternity--it's Jones New York, and I picked it up at the thrift store. The asymetrical hemline and drape of it just makes me really happy. I've been trying to wear it for weeks, but it looks odd with any of the cardigans I chose for the 30 for 30, and it hasn't been warm enough to wear it without another layer. Finally!

And I still don't like these pants.

Also? Atticus wanted to make an appearance in the pictures this morning. I think his tabby pattern compliments my outfit nicely.

Also also? I kinda hate how I look with my hair pulled back.


Don't I look hilariously stern in this one?


I'm wearing:
-#1: Old Navy Fold-Over Wide-Legged Linen Pants, gray
-#21: Jones New York asymetrical hem sleeveless top, black, thrifted
-#24: Nine West leopard print flats

-Mossimo Long & Lean tank top, black
-resin bangle bracelets (gift)


I agree on the top and the slacks. I don't know how to wear loose-fitting things anymore. The slacks look like they're soooooo comfortable, though.

I love the shirt, especially the little ruffly things at the bottom. :) And the cat too!

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