Over this past weekend, my brilliant friend E imparted to me the following wisdom: once you have kids, you never finish anything. She went on to explain that since her twins were born, she's never completed any task, as she's always being interrupted and moving on to the next thing without finishing whatever she's doing.

Being the overachiever that I am, I am apparently already exercising expertise in this area of mom-dom. It's not about distraction, though--this one is intentional. I'm quitting the Third Trimester 30 for 30.

Why? Lots of reasons. Dressing my rapidly expanding body in consistently inconsistent spring weather is hard enough without further limiting my options. My feet are currently so swollen that I can't wear any shoes besides flip flops. I'm so unwieldy and look and feel so little like myself that taking daily pictures feels a bit like being tortured, especially since I still can't get the self timer on my camera to take a decent shot. And I feel like I am taking up precious time blogging really boring outfits when I could be posting about more interesting topics. Basically, it's just not fun anymore, and I'm not learning anything, so I'm ditching it.

There is also a possibility that I'm going to be housebound, or something close to it, before the 30 for 30 period ends. I had some concerning test results yesterday that have my midwives thinking I may be developing pre-eclampsia. There is more testing happening over the next couple of days, so I should know more by the end of the week, but if I do have pre-e, it's possible I'm going to end up on bed rest for a few weeks, and then induced at 36 or 37 weeks gestation. Nerve wracking, and not exactly a great fashion opportunity.

Thanks for your support during my attempt at a 3rd Trimester 30 for 30! Hope nobody is horribly disappointed not to see the muumuus I will be wearing from here on in. ;)


I commend you for even trying the 30x30! At the end of my pregnancy, if I wore something fancier than gym shorts, something truly big was going down. So sorry about your pre-eclampsia problems! I had to do the 24 hour protein test and that was not so fun, but I was glad that they caught it so that we could take the proper precautions during labor.

Ugh- so sorry about the possible pre-e! I didn't have that, but I did have hypertension. I had to go on "modified" bed rest for the last month of pregnancy, and had to induce both times at 37 weeks. It was totally manageable (but bed rest, even "modified," is really challenging with a toddler!). If you want to vent or talk privately, feel free to email me! There were some things that my midwives and doula did that made the induction process a lot more bearable than I thought it would be.

No worries about the 30 for 30- I totally agree with your friend. Nothing is ever done.

I hope you don't develop pre-eclampsia! Swollen feet are so annoying. I think it's great to stop doing something you're not enjoying. Makes room for you to do other things you enjoy more.

"once you have kids, you never finish anything"

that is way more true than I wish it was. sigh.

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