I'm in a bit of a mood today. So, to put my spirit a bit more right with the world, I thought it was a good day to do a giveaway.

You all know I love Big Lots. Last time I was there, I hauled in some beauty stuff, as shown:

big lots.jpg
-Venus Spa Breeze 12-pack, $8.50 ($9.97 for 3-pack on Amazon)
-Aim Germ Invader toothbrushes, 2 pack, $1 ($3.99 on Amazon)
-Back to Basics Raspberry Almond Reparative Shampoo 11.5 oz, $2.50 ($10.71 on Amazon)
-Back to Basics Fresh Mint Energizing Conditioner 11 oz, $2.50 ($8.99 on Amazon)
-Amenta Natural Clove Daily Moisturizing Shampoo 12 oz, $2.50 ($4.99 on Amazon)
-Philosophy Supernatural Lit from Within cream blushes, $3 each (out of stock, $22.50 on QVC)
-Philosophy The Color of Grace Eyelighting Shadow Duo, $3 ($22 at Beauty Bar)
-Philosophy The Color of Grace Angel Kiss Lip Gloss, $3 ($17.50 at DermStore)
-Philosophy The Color of Grace Art of Blushing, $3 ($19.99 at Amazon)
-Philosophy The Color of Grace Kabuki Style Retractable Cosmetic Face Brush, $3 ($11.95 at Amazon)
-Philosophy The Color of Grace Amazing Shimmering Face Powder, $3 ($8.90 at Amazon)
-Philosophy Divine Illumination Love at First Light Luminizer, $3 ($29.98 at QVC)
-Philosophy The Color of Grace Heavenly Light Pink Illuminator, $3 ($28 at QVC)

Clearly, I went a bit overboard with the Philosophy stuff. I was just so jazzed to see something so high end so cheap! And the products I have used so far, particularly the Art of Blushing blush and the Heavenly Light illuminator, have not disappointed. Plus, how great is that deal on razors?

SO! I propose a Big Lots Beauty giveaway! I get sick of giveaways dragging on, though, so let's make this one a flash--you have only until midnight tomorrow night to enter! And I'm going to try to figure out how to use Rafflecopter, just to make this official-like. The prize? A gift box of Big Lots beauty products, hand-selected by yours truly. And some Philosophy goodies will definitely be included!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Just started reading your blog after finding it searching for info on sample boxes. Love your monthy reviews, keep it up!

Ack! I have to figure out your box to enter. Because I want to win! That haul is great.

Wooo! Big Lots. I went to TJ Maxx yesterday and got the cutest glass owl vase. Love!

Just the usual honest reviews but also coupons or other different ways to save, btw Im a beginner, I just started with all the coupons thing and so far I love it !
I love beauty

Big Lots has always been great to me when it comes to bargain shopping especially around the holidays
I like to see (more) coupon alerts and special hauls like this one

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

So, who won? Was it me?! :-)

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