Grace+Lush=BFF Forever (again)


A long while back, I explained why I was ditching Lush. In a nutshell, I thought they'd gotten too expensive. There were other reasons--I had a bad customer service experience, I thought they were greenwashing, and so on.

And so I proceeded to try just about every other option for Lush-style bath goodies that I could find, including a long stint of making my own.

Folks? I'm back to Lush. Nobody does it like Lush does it. And recently, I had an absolutely gold-star customer service experience from the company, as well.

Backing up...earlier in this pregnancy, I took a lot of baths. This was mostly for pain relief, and also for relaxation (I also find baths to help with nausea, though I have no idea why). I didn't get a lot of the early pregnancy smell-aversion that some people get, so I still enjoyed my baths highly scented. During this period, I used up all of my stockpiled Lush (which was stockpiled from the after-Christmas BOGO last year, so I guess Lush and I were never COMPLETELY broken up...). Then, around Easter time, I heard Lush had some great seasonal stuff available, and I made an order.

I ordered the Carrot Top reusable bubble bar, a Donkey Oaty bath bomb, a Hippy Chick bath bomb, a small bottle of the limited retro Slammer shower gel, an old-favorite In the Nude bath melt, a bar of retro Honey Waffle soap, and the Immaculate Eggception. My order came to $61.45 with shipping. Is that expensive? Yes. However, Lush has begun to introduce products that are multiple-use, and that helps drive down the per-use cost. For example, the Carrot Top bubble bar is good for about four baths, and the amazing Immaculate Eggception is good for at least 5.

When my order arrived, the box was crushed and most of the products were broken. The Donkey Oaty and Hippy Chick bombs were in pieces, the Slammer bottle was broken and it was leaking, and the Immaculate Eggception was cracked open. Disappointed, I took to Twitter:

lush tweet.jpg

I wasn't really expecting a response from Lush--mainly, I was whining. So I was surprised when, less than an hour later, I received a DM from Lush, apologizing and asking for the order number and my email address. Then, shortly after that, I got a very nice email from a Lush representative named Brandi, who verified my address and asked me to detail the damage to my order. When I sent her the list, she replied that she would be sending out replacements for all of those items the following day!

And she did. She did better, actually, replacing the two bath bombs and the Egg with the exact same items, and replacing the 3.3 oz shower gel with the much larger 16.9 oz bottle! She did this even though I told her, with the exception of the shower gel in the broken bottle, that my busted up items were usable!

That is the kind of customer service I believe companies should be giving. It's the kind that keeps me coming back, especially when the products under consideration are optional luxury items, like what Lush sells.

And the products themselves, now that I've had the chance to sample most of them? Fabulous. The Egg, in particular, impresses me. Yes, the $13 price tag for it was high, but I've gotten three baths out of one so far, and I still have half of the shell left (it's basically a large, hollow bath bomb with another bomb inside it). I am also really stoked to see the reusable bubble bars, as I have trouble making Lush's regular bubble bars work correctly (they have to be crumbled under running water and mine tend to get all gunked up and not make as many bubbles as I know they should be).

Since I'm so late in writing this (how long ago was Easter again?), several of the seasonal/holiday products I mentioned aren't available anymore. Sorry about that! However, Lush has a new crop of seasonal/holiday products available for Mother's Day, and I like the looks of them! Were I to be going on another Lush spree again so soon (and I'm not, I swear...), here's what I'd be considering:

lush madame butterfly.jpg
Madame Butterfly Bubble Bar, $8.95

Like Carrot Top, this is a reusable bubble bar that you swish through your bath water to make bubbles, and it should be good for several baths. There are several of these available now, but this one is rose petal and lemon oil scented, which is right up my particular alley. It's limited edition--available only until Mother's Day!

lush mother's day tin.jpg
Happy Mother's Day Wrapped Gift, $56.95

This is the Mother's Day motherlode--it's a reusable tin (and it's a cute one, too!) full of Lush products, including all three of the Mother's Day reusable bubble bars (The Mum, the Mum Tulip, and the Madame Butterfly) , a slice of Miranda soap, a Butterball bath bomb (one of my favorites!), a Tiny Hands moisturizing bar, a small Ocean Salt cleanser, and a small Dream Cream lotion. What a haul, right? I love Lush's packaged gifts--they do a wonderful job with presentation and they're almost always full of really interesting products.

lush uluru bomb.jpg
Uluru Bath Bomb, $5.95

Not specifically for Mother's day, or even a new product, the Uluru is a retro bath bomb that Lush has reintroduced, and I'd love to try. It's scented with desert rosewood oil, lemon myrtle, and sandalwood, which sounds like a really nice combination, and I love the orange and pink color.

lush maple soap.jpg
Canadian Maple Soap, $7.95

I'm generally a fan of Lush's bar soap, especially my beloved Honey I Washed the Kids, and I am thinking this Canadian Maple soap, available only online in the retro section, might be similarly awesome. It is made with maple syrup, which, like honey, is a moisturizer, and I'd bet it smells wonderful.

And, of course, were I to be shopping at Lush, I'd pick up another bottle (or, perhaps, a case) of It's Raining Men shower gel, because I love it so very, very much.

So, I'm back to recommending Lush. Highly, as a matter of fact. Yes, the prices are still high, but the products are markedly better than any others I've tried, so I've come to see it as paying for quality. And yes, it's a bit greenwashed, but who isn't, these days? Their customer service has me sold, and I'll continue to support them.


I'm laughing a bit to myself, as I found your site because I want to make my own bath melts. I have just recently found Lush, and have fallen hard, but the prices are definitely high end. It does smell wonderful. I will be trying your bath melt recipe when I can spare the $$ for the supplies ( I kind of went a bit crazy in a Lush store, and on their website recently). Thanks for sharing your recipe, and your experience with the company.

That Mother's day gift set looks awesome!

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