Maternity photographs


Getting my picture taken is not my favorite thing in the world. It's not even in the top million. Though I am more and more satisfied with my looks in general, I hate the way I photograph. Mark feels similarly. So, it was with great trepidation that we decided to have maternity photos taken. A friend of mine is an up-and-coming photographer, and she offered to take the pictures for free, and suggested a beautiful spot to do it (Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, for locals), so we bit the bullet.

And you know? It was fun. And while some of the pictures make me cringe, others are not bad at all. Though you all might like to see a few:

I don't love this picture of me--we took most of them without my glasses, and I don't look like myself, and my hair looks really strange and flat--but I love it of Mark.


This one is kind of awkward (it was a hard position for me to get into and hold), but I like the slightly mischievous look of it.


I couldn't tell you why I like this one, I just do.


I mainly think this one is funny. Funny enough, I guess, to make up for the double chin.


I think this is my favorite of the ones of just me. I like that my belly looks as enormous as it feels, and the expression on my face isn't too forced. Not crazy about my shiny-face makeup, but we'd been at it for quite a while by the time we took this one and I think I was sweaty.

7237394950_112245575c (1).jpg

This is another one I can't quite tell you why I like, but I do. It may just be the rose arbor.


This is one I am trying to like. Again, I think I look strange to myself without my glasses. My eyes are all squinty and small.


This one I love for the light, and the giant belly.


I love how Mark and I both look slightly awkward and odd here. It feels authentic.


And finally, the last picture we took, the most serious of the bunch, and my favorite:


It's possible I'll do another session with the same photographer friend--she'd like to do some more and I don't think I'd mind it. Any of you photographers or picture subject pros out there have tips to look less strange in the next bunch?

All photographs courtesy of Barbara Loxton.


Grace, I think you are absolutely beautiful!! The pictures turned out nicely! I will say that I like the one of you with glasses because I love how you look in your glasses. As for suggestions...look around online for maternity photos and see if you like anything you see. :)

Those are beautiful photos and I agree with you that the last one is the best.

Those are great! You guys are literally glowing.

One tip is to always relax and bend elbows and fingers. Don't leave them straight, it looks really forced and stiff.

Another tip is to laugh as much as possible. It's totally awkward being the model, so the more the photographer and anyone else present at the shoot can get you to laugh naturally, the more relaxed you'll look in the photos.

They're great photos, and you look wonderful. The last one is extra awesome.

I know why you like the ones you do: you look genuinely happy and that really comes through. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

These are gorgeous!

My two favorites are the one of you laughing while Mark kisses you and the close up one of you in the rose arbor. I think your friend did a really nice job!

that first picture is pretty cute, IMO :)

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