Out of my element: nursery design


So I'm not much of an interior decorator. And if you know me, you know just how much of an understatement that is. I LOVE nicely decorated spaces, but it's just not something I have ever done. We have a hodge podge of furniture and, despite living in our house for nearly three years now, haven't done so much as painted a wall (and they're all beige!). It's just not my thing.

So I wasn't all that stoked about this whole "decorate your baby's nursery!" thing. But Mark wanted to paint, so that the baby's room, at least, would not be beige, and we've started to collect things. So far, this is Buzzy's nursery:

Baby's room

We haven't actually purchased the crib yet, but that's the one we'll likely get. Mark and his wonderful parents painted the room Glidden True Turquoise with bright white trim this weekend, and put up the bamboo blind. The rug is from Ikea and I've had it for years, but I think it will be perfect. The changing table is thrifted. The crib sheet is on my registry, and if nobody gifts it to us, I'll buy it (from Target). The Oregon print was a gift from my BF.

So, what else do we need? Storage! I think we're actually going to go with putting the big wire shelving unit I used in the room when it was my closet back in, with lots of bins or baskets for holding baby clothes. I may try to make due with what we've got, or I may get new (read: matching) receptacles. Buzzy's going to need a bookshelf, so I'm hoping to thrift one. My mom made two beautiful blankets, so those will definitely be in there. And I want to get curtains--maybe just white, since there is already quite a bit of color going on. What else? Suggestions from those who are more decor inclined?


I also struggle with decorating, so I really appreciated you sharing this. As you find the other pieces you're looking for, I hope you'll share those as well.

I cannot claim any expertise or talent in decorating, but a word about storage. I planned to have a bunch of bins and baskets for baby clothes, but we rapidly accumulated so many clothes in so many varying sizes (and the baby grows so ridiculously fast) that my husband put his foot down and went and got several large plastic chests of drawers from Target. They don't look especially nice, but it was the only way to stop the baby clothes getting into total chaos. I draped my Polynesian sarong collection over the top to hide the tacky appearance. But then, I find myself caring less and less about the appearance of anything in my house because of my sleep-deprived stupor!

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