Big nursery reveal!


A few weeks back, I showed you some of what we had in mind in putting together the baby's room. Over the weekend, we finished the room up (or more-or-less finished it, I'm sure I'll keep futzing with it over time), so I thought you might like to see/hear about the final result. I'm also playing with collage software, but am still unable to take a decent damn picture, so please forgive the sub-par effort on that score.

Buzzy's nursery:

(Click for bigger pictures.)

The players

-Graco Lauren Classic Convertible Crib in Walnut (the only big thing we've purchased new)
-Pali Amy Changing Table in Cherry, drawers removed (thrifted)
-Shermag Glider & Ottoman, natural with beige microsuede (handed down from a friend)
-four-shelf folding bookshelf (Craigslist, re-purposed from elsewhere in our house)

-Ikea Lusy Blom rug (re-purposed from elsewhere in the house)
-Janey Baby Animals crib sheet (Zulily)
-Janey Baby Animals changing pad cover (Zulily)
-random cream cotton curtains (temporary, re-purposed from elsewhere in the house)
-colorful safari mini-quilt (hanging on the crib, handmade by my mom)
-frog mini-quilt (on the back of the glider, handmade by my mom)
-Boppy with Sweet Pea slipcover (gift)

-Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile (Amazon)
-Elmer the Patchwork Elephant (in the crib, gift)
-Angel Dear Blankie, monkey (on the changing table, from PetiteBox)
-elephant blankie/lovie (on the changing table, gift)
-hand-knitted Sheldon turtle (on the changing table, gift)

-multiple sizes/styles of lined baskets, all thrifted and/or re-purposed from elsewhere in the house

-Oregon: My Roots Lie Here print (above the crib, gift, from Global Child Collection)
-Elkton, Oregon watercolor (above the crib, re-purposed from elsewhere in the house, Bally Greeting Cards)
-Blue Dog print (near the doorway to the master bedroom, re-purposed from elsewhere in the house, gift)
-Beastling & Boodle water color pencil drawing (above the bookshelf, drawn by our friend Howell)
-Zebra painting (above the glider, re-purposed from elsewhere in the house, from Austin-area artist Zebra)
-Colored pencil shaving art (above the changing table, gift)
-Floral and antique note collage (above the changing table, re-purposed from elsewhere in the house, gift)

Unpictured, there is a small closet, outfitted with two shelves and a hanging rack, and organized with yet more thrifted/re-purposed baskets, all full of baby clothes and textiles.

I can't overstate how happy I am with how the nursery turned out. The space feels both calm and happy, both appropriate for a baby and tolerable for an adult. It's comfortable and full of things that have been gifted to us and/or represent the people and places we love. I honestly couldn't have wished for anything better. I also love the eclectic nature of it, and how much of it is re-purposed from elsewhere in our house. It seems to fit seamlessly in with everything else we love, and I like that.

I'm also really happy with how little money we put into it. As I mentioned, the crib is the only large thing we've purchased new (not just the only one in the nursery, the only one period). We've been generously gifted/handed down, and I've had some decent thrift store luck, which is awesome. I did splurge at Zulily on the Janey Baby sheet and changing pad cover, because I love the Janey Baby stuff so much that I couldn't resist, but other than that, I've been able to keep my baby-related shopping constrained, and I'm glad I have--it feels more like us to have put together a great space for our little one mostly out of stuff that was given to us or stuff we already had.

The only issue? Having a fully put together baby's room makes it much more clear to me how not put-together the rest of our house is. I want to do this to every room now. Wonder if we can manage that in the next two weeks?

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