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I finally got around to trying another of the "mom and baby" centered curated subscription boxes, Bluum. I got a 3-month Bluum subscription for $18 with a Groupon, making the box, which is generally $12/month, half price.

Even at half price, it was overpriced. Sadly, at least upon my first installment, the Bluum box is one of the worst values for money of any I've tried. The shipping time and packaging were fine--pretty standard. But when I opened my box, this is what I saw:

bluum box.jpg

The contents:
-Ella's Kitchen Pears, Apples, & Baby Rice (3.5 oz package, estimated value $1.89)
-Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna Bar (1.69 oz, estimated value $1.59 as per Bluum, but I'm pretty sure they are $1 at Trader Joe's)
-Seventh Generation Baby Wipes (sample package of 3, estimated value $4.69/70, or $.20)
-Babybug Magazine (single issue, estimated value $29.95/9 issues, or $3.33)
-BabyGanics Cover Up Kisses Lip Balm (0.15 oz, estimated value $4.99 as per Bluum, $2.99 on

Total estimated value: $12, max

So, if I take Bluum's prices (which are higher than the same prices I easily found online for the same items), this box is JUST worth the regular price one would pay for it. That doesn't represent very good value. The products are all nice enough, as far as being usable, but nothing here sticks out as something I am stoked to have discovered, either. These are regular, off-the-shelf-at-Target type things. I also didn't see how they really fit into the box's theme, "June Bug: A Picnic is the Perfect Way to Make a Family Memory." I was also bummed that the little book/magazine was bent to fit into Bluum's box--that didn't seem like very good planning on their part.

So, all in all, disappointing. This is one that, had I not shelled out for a 3-month subscription, I probably wouldn't give a second month's chance. I'll let you know if future boxes are any better.


Thanks for the review!
I'm torn on the availability piece. On one hand, if I love something, being able to pick it up at Target is amazing. On the other hand, why not pick itup there to begin with? Especially low cost, full size products like baby food, lip balm, and Luna Bars.
Those Ella's Kitchen pouches are 99 cents at my Target, btw. The older stages might get closer to their estimated price, but not the first foods.

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