Curated subscription review: Jewelmint


Jewelmint was the first (I think) of a crop of curated subscription programs from the e-commerce company Beachmint. Beautymint is Jessica Simpson's skincare program, Stylemint is a t-shirt program curated by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Shoemint is shoes, headed up by Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez in conjunction with Steve Madden. Homemint is housewares and is Justin Timberlake's baby (which still makes no sense to me). The most recent addition, intiMint, is a lingerie and loungewear line by Brooke Burke-Charvet. Honestly, none of them hold a lot of appeal for me. Jewelmint, however, does. It's a subscription jewelry program, with all pieces designed by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter.

Basically, you pay $29.99/month for a selection from Jewelmint's jewelry collection. You can choose anything in the collection, but certain pieces are recommended based on your style profile. If you don't choose anything, your credit rolls over. If you log in within five days of the beginning of the month, you can skip that month and not be charged. It's a pretty easy system, and one I have enjoyed so far.

I've been a member since last July and have received the following pieces:

East Side Beat Duo (no longer available)
JewelMint East Side Beat Duo Bracelet Ring 1.jpg

Scarab Ring
scarab ring.jpg

Trinity Bracelets (no longer available)
JewelMint Trinity Bracelets 1.jpg

Paramour Bracelet (sold out)
paramour bracelet.jpg

Payal Belle Bracelet (no longer available)
Payal Belle Bracelet.jpg

Honey Bee Ring
honey bee ring.jpg

Persephone Pendant
persephone pendant.jpg

The quality of the pieces I've received has been variable. I love both of the chunky Scarab Ring and the Honey Bee ring--they are nicely heavy and feel good on my fingers. The Persephone Pendant, too, has some nice heft to it. The Trinity Bracelets are pretty terrible, thin and fragile and cheap looking. Though I like the style of the Paramour Bracelet a lot, I doubt it's going to hold up very well. My two real failures have been the Beat Duo and the Payal Belle Bracelet, and in both of those cases, I think the problem was far more my choosing pieces that don't work with my style and far less the pieces themselves.

Jewelmint is not fine jewelry, and it's more expensive than a lot of costume jewelry. That said, at least some of the pieces are, to my mind, of a higher quality than a lot of costume jewelry. It comes very nicely packaged in a reusable box and a little velvet bag, and it's great for gifting. Going through the new choices each month has helped me refine my jewelry taste, which has been interesting--I would have said there was no real consistency to the things I like, but I think there actually is. I also very much like that if you are on-the-ball about doing it, you can skip months where nothing appeals to you without any sort of penalty--that make the program easy to use only when you want to use it. All in all, I'd recommend Jewelmint for jewelry lovers who are looking for a new infusion of style, but only those who aren't going to be too fussy about metal quality, and definitely not if you have sensitivities to mixed metals.

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