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I'm sure this goes without saying, but Buzzy has declined to make an appearance yet. My mom is here, I'm off work, and we're just...waiting. Which isn't a bad thing--it's nice to have some time to relax--but it's a little bit unnerving knowing I could go into labor at any moment and having it just not happen. I also have less and less attention span for anything, and haven't been able to come up with much to blog about. So you may not hear from me until it's baby picture time, or I may go on a tear and start blogging every day just to keep myself busy. Hard to say.

In the meantime, yesterday I got my second set of maternity pictures, taken at the same location and by the same wonderful friend photographer as the first, so I thought I'd share a few of those:







Those are gorgeous. I think Buzzy is waiting for something... I wonder what...

p.s. I know I am only one of a legion of friends you have, but I would really not like to have to check Facebook to find out if this baby has showed up. Thoughts?

I really like those pictures, last one especially.

Late pregnancy really suits you!

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