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So first, let me just confess: this post is a complete rip-off. Young House Love has been doing window shopping posts for ages, and I love them, and I have been wanting to do my own. To make things worse, though, they most recently (as in, two days ago) did one for World Market. Which was, of course, the first one I was intending to do. So I thought about not doing it, but then I figured hey, it's a big Internet, and I didn't pick any of the same feature items that Sherry did (she focuses solely on housewares and I snapped photos of cool stuff all over the store) so why not?

So, some things I saw at World Market that I really liked:

wm bracelet bar.jpg

The World Market Bracelet Bar is one of my favorite parts of the store. So many great bangles, and such great prices! Unfortunately, almost none of them fit over my gigantress hands. So sad.

wm soaps.jpg

Soap is one of the reasons I was at World Market to begin with--Mark goes through an extraordinary amount of soap (I can't figure out how he manages to use it so fast), and he likes the offerings at World Market a lot. So I bought several different types of Lemon Verbena and Lavender bars for him to try, most of which were $5.99 each. Isn't it a nice display?

WM garden stools.jpg

I really liked the fun red and teal colors and the overall shape of these tin drum garden stools/tables, which were on sale for $49.99. They'd look great with the brightly colored flowers and furniture on our deck. Unfortunately, even the sale price was a bit steep for me, so I left them there.

These wire stools were even cooler, and also on sale--$29.99 for the smaller teal one and $39.99 for the larger purple one--but they didn't seem to be sturdy enough to double as seat, or as stands for heavy plants, so I passed on them as well.

wm folding tables.jpg

Third try is the charm! These little metal folding tables checked all my boxes--brightly colored, strong enough for plant stands, and on sale for a really reasonable $23.99 each. The yellow and green versions came home with me.

wm bucket grill.jpg

These awesome turquoise galvanized bucket grills were another major temptation--we have a Big Green Egg for serious grilling/smoking needs, but wouldn't something small like this be useful as well? Or is that maybe what I am telling myself because they are so cute? Inexpensive, too--$24.99.

wm tunesian mugs.jpg
wm tunesian tagines.jpg

I spent a long time gawking at the display of Tunesian hand-painted ceramics. They are just so gorgeous! My favorites were the mugs, for $6.99 each, and the tiny tagines, for $4.99 each.

wm colanders.jpg

I tried really, really hard to think of a reason to buy one of each color of these awesome 6" metal mini colanders. Aren't they just so much fun to look at? I couldn't think of an excuse, though--I mean, what are some alternative uses for colanders? We already have two. If you don't, I say run to World Market, though--these babies are only $1.99 each!

wm tiffin boxes.jpg

In reality, these little two-tier tiffin boxes are too small for more than a small snack, but there has to be some use for them, because the colors and style are just too sweet. Not a bad price, either--$9.99 each.

wm coffee filters.jpg

I am forever recommending single-cup drip coffee filters to new coffee drinkers, or to those crazy folks who only drink an occasional cup, and these are the coolest looking ones I've ever seen. They are heavy ceramic, rather than plastic, and come in great colors! At $6.99 each, they're a very economical way to make your coffee, too.

wm measuring spoons.jpg

A while back, I pinned a set of brightly colored ceramic measuring spoons I loved, from Anthropologie, to my Pinterest board. They were $18. These floral ones I like not-quite-so-well, but I still like them plenty. The price? $3.99.

wm matroyshkas.jpg

The matroyshka doll measuring cups, priced at $12.99, were the single hardest item for me to leave at the store and not bring home with me. They're just. so. cute. However, ceramic measuring cups seem like an accident waiting to happen. Now that I have had time to think about it, however, I can think of several non-measuring cup uses for them, so I may have to go back and get them...

Poking around the website as I wrote this post, I couldn't help but pick out a few things I didn't see in my local store...

wm block print cosmetic bags.jpg

I love block printing, and this set of three block printed cosmetic bags are just too cool looking. Bright and fun but still classy and unique. Bonus is that they're made of cotton and on sale for $14.97 for the set. Wouldn't they make a nice gift?

wm bud vases.jpg

How totally cute are these six glass bud vases in a wire carrier? They look like old-fashioned milk bottles! I think they'd be super cute with all different flowers in them, clustered together, or by themselves. They're a steal, too--$24.99.

wm ceramic drawer chest.jpg

I've been lusting over wooden chests with ceramic drawers like these all over the place--perfect jewelry boxes! I didn't see this larger one when I was at World Market, though, just a smaller version (more earring than necklace sized). This one is $39.99.

wm letterpress bowls.jpg

These letterpress bowls just slay me. They are too perfect. The classic, simple designs, the small scale...swoon. They're not a bad price, either--$23.96 for the set of four. There are also mugs at the same price.

tm tunesia tidbit bowls.jpg

These little "tidbit bowls" are from the same Tunesian collection I mentioned earlier, but I didn't see it them in my store. I don't know that I'd use them for food, but wouldn't they be cute for little catch-all bowls? They're $15.96 for a set of four.

wm crocus napkins.jpg

World Market has such great textiles, I can't believe I didn't notice any when I was in the store. I must have somehow missed the whole section. Online, though, there are tons of choices for my favorite, and this set of multicolored crocus napkins just barely beat out lots of other contenders. It's $15.96 for the set of four.

And that is probably enough for now! This window-shopping thing is kind of fun--should I try to start doing it a bit more regularly.


I have giant, bracelet-hating hands, too. It's cuffs for you and me! I'm so glad I'm not alone. :)

I saw those cosmetic bags and I thought they were pillowcases for a minutes, and I WANTED THEM.

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