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I'm sure nobody finds my new focus on kid-related curated subscription programs surprising, do you? (Do not despair, though, I'll be posting about how this month's Sample Society box kicked Birchbox's up and down the block soon.) Today, I want to tell you about Little Pnuts. For $25/month (or a single $240 annual payment), Little Pnuts sends four "Special Deliveries" per year. Each box contains 3-5 "sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys." The toy selections are tailored to the age/developmental stage of the child in question, and none of the toys are mass-marketed or battery powered.

The box I was generously gifted from Little Pnuts was the 0-3 month option. The packaging was standard and unremarkable. Inside, I found:

little pnuts box contents.jpg
-Haba Kaleidoscope Pacifier Holder (est. value $14.99)
-Haba Pixies World Car Seat, Stroller, or Crib Decoration (est. value $29.99)
-Sevi Little Fish Wrist or Foot Rattle (est. value $6.99)
-Plan Toys Lady Bug Bead (est. value $11.99)

Total estimated value: $63.96 (85% of total cost)

Every item included in this box was a high quality toy that I'd be happy to let Buzzy play with. They address the developmental milestones the 0-3 month toys are intended to address--motor skills, hearing, and vision. They're well made and from companies I would buy from again in the future. They're also wonderfully gender neutral, which is hard to find, even at the infant stage. It was a very fun box to get, and I think it would be especially fun to get one every three months, each time with new developmentally appropriate toys for the stage Buzzy is in/going into. I think the Little Pnuts service would be a great gift, too--particularly from someone who wants to give a very nice present, but knows little about the current state of toys (great for grandparents, for example).

There is a value issue, at least with the box I got--I could have purchased each of these toys separately for a lower price than the $75 ($25/month for three months) the quarter of Little Pnuts subscription would cost. Rather than being a money-saving subscription program, Little Pnuts is selling convenience and expertise (as is the case with a few of the other higher end subscription programs, such as Lost Crates). While I personally have no issue with that, and I think the service could still be very much worthwhile, it is important to note that Little Pnuts is not a way to get these high-end toys at a discount.

Little Pnuts is probably not a program I'll carry a subscription for--I'd prefer to spend my toy budget on specific pieces that I (and later Buzzy) pick out. However, it is something I'd consider for a gift in the future, and definitely something I would love to be gifted. I think the business model is a good one--it's unlike any of the other subscription services I have seen--and I hope the company succeeds.

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