A bit back, I wrote up a list of things we've found useful and not-so-useful in Buzzy's first few weeks. Now that we're nearly TEN weeks in, I thought I'd offer an update. It's amazing how preferential you get, and how quickly you develop those preferences. Having a new baby makes convenience and efficacy so important, there is just no time for shit that doesn't work. Things are tried and loved or tried and discarded at an alarming rate. And there's so much stuff to choose from, you know? So I figure anytime I can get our experiences out there, with the hope of it helping some other new mom sort through the options, I will.

Things that work

american apparel baby pants.jpg

American Apparel Infant Baby Rib Karate Pants: I don't shop at American Apparel, and never would have purchased these myself. However, I got several pairs of them in a Wittlebee box before Buzzy was born, and WOW have they been useful. They are pretty much the perfect baby pants. Soft, lightweight, easy to get on and off, come in lots of colors (we have red, black, navy, and olive), reasonably priced ($12 each)--they're just perfect. Now I have to decide whether to give in and buy them in larger sizes when Buzzy outgrows his current batch.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra: In my last installment, I sang the praises of Gilligan & O'Malley Nursing Sleep Bras from Target and doubted I'd ever buy expensive nursing bras. Then my cheap bras started giving me plugged ducts and I shelled out for a couple of these, and I have not looked back. These bras are the most comfortable I have ever worn. They are amazing, look great under clothes, wash well, come in lots of colors...I just love them. Unfortunately, they are pretty spendy--I got a couple off Ebay for $10 or $15 less than the $49 list price, but still, not cheap.

Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing: A coworker of Mark's recommended this swing, as did several friends of mine. I hesitated to buy it, because $115 seemed like a lot, but wow am I ever glad we did. Buzzy spends hours in this thing every day. It's our #1 napping spot, and even when he's not asleep, he loves it. It's soft and snuggly, works great, and plugs in, so it doesn't eat batteries. To top it off, we had a problem with it early on (the power supply died in the second week we had it), and the company sent me a replacement with no questions asked in just a couple of days. I love good customer service!

chicco keyfit caddy.jpg

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame: This is a new addition to our baby stuff arsenal, and I am already in love. We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat, and when I started taking Buzzy out to grocery shop and stuff, my solution for transporting him was to put his bucket seat in the cart. This was only very moderately successful--depending on the size of the cart, it could leave no room for groceries! With this caddy, though, I can easily move Buzzy through a store (or, in a couple of weeks, an airport) and still have some room to carry things. It folds easily, handles well, the seat slots right in--it's great.

Columbia Vertical Glide Diaper Bag: I have thrifted three diaper bags, and they all have their benefits, but this one, from Columbia (and apparently discontinued, too bad!), is my every day favorite. It's not big and stupid looking--it can pass for a regular bag a non-mommy might carry--it is completely gender neutral, and it is well put together, with a place for everything I need to carry around. I'd likely choose one of my bigger diaper bags for a long trip, but for running around and doing errands, this bag is great.

Children's Place Stretchie PJs: Buzzy has recently made the transition from sleep sacks to one-piece pajamas (too cute!), and so far, our favorites are the ones from Children's Place. They fit perfectly, they're super cute, and they are inexpensive. Mark, who is in charge of nighttime diaper changes, has a strong preference for zippers over snaps on pajamas, and these are all zipper. We have both the footed and the non-footed versions, and I think we slightly prefer the ones with feet. The very best ones are a set with WWII airplanes on them, but sadly those don't seem to be available anymore.

Apple TV: With the possible exception of my coffee cup, the single most important and helpful item of my post-partum period is the Apple TV I bought Mark for Father's Day. I LOVE this thing. From the spot on the couch to which I am often glued under a nursing baby, I can listen to music via my iPhone, stream Netflix or anything on my Macbook to my TV, look at my Flickr pictures, and even check out YouTube. It's super easy to use, the box is tiny, and the interface is great. LOVE this thing.

I think that just about wraps up the things we've loving right now. What are we missing that we just have to try? Leave me a comment!


I have issues ordering from AmApparel too. But I found that whomever is making AA clothes also distributes them at wholesale prices on Amazon under the name YogaColors. See here:

it's always the same stuff.

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