Wittlebee, I just can't quit you


A while back, I reviewed the Wittlebee curated subscription box for kids' clothes. My thought, at that time, was that the service was a lot of fun, but probably not economically reasonable at $39.99 for each monthly shipment. However, a few months later, I snagged a two-month subscription to Wittlebee for $33.75 at Plum District. Much more reasonable. The first box I got was just OK, and I forgot to blog about it. The second, though, came last week, and it was so great that I am once again tempted to keep up a Wittlebee subscription.

Wanna see what we got?


From top left:
-Sage Creek Organics Red Polo Tee (estimated value $10)
-American Apparel Infant Baby Rib Short Sleeve Lap T in Baby Blue (estimated value $10)
-Tiny Whales Away Anchor T-shirt in Turquoise Heather (estimated value $22)
-Kate Quinn Organics Long-Sleeved Kimono Bodysuit (estimated value $23)
-Wild & Cozy by Hatley Red Bear Romper (estimated value $15.75)
-Tea Collection Knit Playwear Pants (estimated value $30)

Total estimated value: $110.75

It isn't just the overall value or high quality of the items that made me really love this box, though--it's the items themselves. I couldn't have picked a more perfect collection of things I'd love for Buzzy to wear. Three high quality basics--the red polo, the blue lap tee, and the gray pants--are highlighted by three super cute statement items--the anchor tee, the geometric print body suit, and the red bear onesie, which is probably my favorite item of baby clothing ever at this point. The items are not only in keeping with the color and style preferences I laid out on the Wittlebee website, they're pretty well a perfect style match for the way I like to dress my son. There is also a good mix of high end brands of which I was aware (Kate Quinn Organics and Tea Collection) and ones of which I was not aware (Wild & Cozy, Tiny Whales, and Sage Creek Organics). Of the six items, only one reads as a "filler" item (the American Apparel t-shirt), and even it is of reasonably high quality and in keeping with my color preferences. This box is quite simply one of the best curated collections of any kind that I have yet seen. Excellent work, Wittlebee!

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