In October, I received three different subscription boxes meant for babies/parents of babies. Since the models of these three programs are so similar, they seemed to me to be screaming to be compared. And I'm just the blogger to do it!

Stork Stack


Stork Stack's October theme was "Imaginative Play." The stack included:
-Box Play for Kids Caterpillar sticker, est. value $5
-My First Green Toys Twist Teether, est. value $10.50
-Blueberry Pecan Kind Plus Bar & Madagascar Vanilla Almond Kind Nuts & Spices Bar, est. value $1.50 each
-Tinie Dinies Topsey Squeaker, est. value $12
-The Harmonica Pocket Apple apple CD, est. value $8.99

Total est. value: $39.49, or 141% of cost

This month's Stork Stack box was the last of my three-month subscription, and I won't be renewing. Though Stork Stack's are meant to be tailored to the age of your baby, only two of the included items (the teether and the dinosaur) are things my baby is going to be able to play with anytime in the near future. The caterpillar box sticker is cool, but meant for a much older child, as is the CD, and the Kind bars are just an odd addition all around (and why two of them?). At the same time, the caterpillar sticker is the only part of the stack that seems to me to be in keeping with the "imaginative play" theme. For the price tag of $28/month, I just expect a bit more than this box delivers.



Teethme's September theme (the box came at the end of the month, so I am putting it in with October's other boxes) was "Teethers on the GO!" The products were:
-Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened Reusable Snack Bag, est. value $9.99
-WarmZe Small Starter Kit & Large Starter Kit, est. value $16.95 each
-MAM Learn to Brush Set, est. value $5
-pbnj baby Paci Wipes, est. value $4.95
-$5 gift card to Plum District; and $10 gift code to ecomom

Total est. value (w/o gift cards/codes): $53.84, or 224% of cost

Teetheme is currently out of commission, which I learned before I even opened this box. I have no idea whether they'll be back or not. If they are, I may give them another try. I liked how the products in this box were in keeping with the theme and were useful things, and I especially enjoyed the Itzy Ritzy bag. However, I thought it was really strange that I got both the large and the small sized WarmZe kits, and I wonder if that was just done because there weren't enough age-appropriate items and the box value would have felt too low without the extra one? I thought the box could have used a toy or something interactive to round it out instead.

Citrus Lane

citrus lane.jpg

The theme for the Citrus Lane box was "Fall Fun." It included:
-full-sized tube of BabyGanics Healin' Groovy balm, est. value $7.99
-Little Taggies by Taggies mini blanket, est. value $9.
-Munchkin Soft Shaker, est. value $6.49
-Little Spider from Chronicle Books, est. value $6.95
-DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Mini, est. value $4.99

Total est. value: $35.42, or 142% of cost

I thought this was a great box. Every item in it was/will be useful, and while nothing was over-the-top fantastic, none of it was junk, either. The theme was only loosely followed (not sure how the taggie blanket or the munchkin rattle are fall-centric), but I appreciated that everything was age appropriate to my 3-month old baby--Citrus Lane claims to tailor their boxes to "age and stage," and that was definitely true for this one. I also liked the little "mom treat" of the DHC oil, which I'm interested in trying out. Citrus Lane subscriptions are $25/month, so the value was decent, if not fantastic. I'd get this one again.


Citrus Lane does seem to tailor their boxes to the baby's age--my 10-month old got a slightly different assortment of items, including a pouch of Ella's Kitchen baby food and a couple of Munchkin sippy cups (instead of the shaker and the blanket). I've been really impressed with the Citrus Lane boxes. It's almost always stuff that we can use, and it's a fun surprise in the mail every month.

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