Letter to Buzzy #5: Month Three in Oregon


Dear Buzzy,

I swear, someday I will catch up on these. Now that you're four months old, it seems the least I can do is get your three month letter finished.

We spent a lot of your third month (September) in Oregon, visiting my family and some of our Oregon friends. It was a wonderful trip--so great, in fact, that you and I stayed an extra week, dragging it out to a three-week vacation. These are the perks to having an unemployed mama, I guess!

A lot of things changed while we were in Oregon. You started your sleeping decline (which we're right in the heart of now). You started interacting with people and toys in a completely new way. You met countless people for the first time--grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins...and you charmed everybody. By the time you and I got home, I think you seemed like a totally new baby to your dad.

Another new thing about the trip was my first experience having sole responsibility for you for a long period of time--not only the last two weeks of the trip, but the flight home. You were an absolute angel on both flights, barely crying at all and, on the way home, spending nearly the whole flight asleep in my lap. Flying by yourself with an infant isn't easy, though--I really wished I had more than two hands!

Early in the month, you started laughing, which is an amazing thing. One can never be sure what is going to strike you as funny, but the sound you make when something does is awesome. It makes all the sleepless nights and gritting my teeth through the screaming worth it.

I love you more every day,

Your Mom

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