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As I've indicated, I am having trouble with clothes. I am having a LOT of trouble with clothes. And this week, that trouble was more than just my typical embarrassment at wearing yoga pants in public. I had to figure out something to wear for a job interview. With most of my closet still in bins labeled "maybe this will fit again someday," and no extra cash to buy anything new.

All things considered, I'm happy with what I managed:



I think this works for a couple of reasons. The skirt, which is a black a-line I've had forever (Josephine Chaus, via Ross, I believe), is structured enough to appear professional but forgiving enough to still fit my post-partum body, and has a blessedly high waist to hold all that business in. The gray pinstriped jacket (Calvin Klein, thrifted) is a little bit of a problem, as, if you look closely, you see that it's not really the right size for my current chest, but the low single-button style makes it wearable anyway--not ideal, but workable. Underneath, I have a blank tank with a slightly ruffled front (The Limited), which is actually half of an old sweater set. Again, not the ideal shell, but it works to cut down a bit on the severity of the outfit, and it was one of the few options I could find that currently fit, so I went with it. The shoes (Aerosoles) might not strike everyone as interview appropriate, but I felt that they gave just enough whimsy to an outfit that was pretty serious--and frankly, a little boring--otherwise. I kept my jewelry simple, as not to go overboard with the whimsey--just a small silver and stone necklace and simple bead earrings.

What do you think? Appropriate, or do I still kinda have that "Mommy hasn't left the house in six months" look?

I'm thinking I am going to have to try to put together a "new working mom" capsule wardrobe of some sort when I go back to work. Anybody have thoughts or advice on that?


Looks good! Maybe unbutton the blazer? This coming from someone who wore an all-wool outfit in 90 degree weather once. Got the job, too.

Looks good to me! Hopefully it all works out.

Good call on the black tank. Also? Consider nursing pads even if you don't usually wear them. Leakage sucks.

I think you look great!

I'd unpick and restritch the button on the blazer with a longer thread to give you more ease. Five minute job, but worth it.

Congrats on the interview! I think the outfit looks perfect for an interview. Fingers crossed! (And I hope you will talk about a WOHM uniform.)

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