Thrift Finds, 1/14/13


Now that the holidays are over and there is little chance of my accidentally revealing anything here that is going to end up a gift, I can return to sharing my thrifted scores with you all! My thrift trips these days are usually smaller than this one, but once in a while I have a day where things just seem to jump into my cart. This was one of those:


Not the most exciting thing in the world, but I was glad to snag this set of six Glasslock containers with lids. We're always in dire need of proper sized leftover containers with fitting lids, and these are particularly nice ones. Nothing wrong with a little practical thrifting to start things off, right?


This Farberware storage grater was another item thrifted to fill a pretty immediate need. We have a microplane grater (two of them, actually, don't ask me why), but no regular box grater, and the microplane is just not meant for things like shredding cheddar for nachos. This one is.


This box of Medela Quick Clean bags, for microwave sterilization of pump parts, is another super practical buy. I see these fairly often at the thrift store, unopened, and I always grab them. They're super convenient to use, and for $1 or so, they're a great buy--much better than the $8 or so I'd be paying for them elsewhere.


I have no idea if Stretch Genie actually works. However, I have a couple of dozen pairs of shoes that are now, post-pregnancy, just a wee bit too small to be comfortable, so I figure, for the thrift store cost of trying this out, maybe I'll get a miracle?


This Sassy baby book is a purchase I probably shouldn't have made--how many more toys does a baby who just had Christmas really need? However, I've been wanting to get him one of these, since he seems to like to try to turn pages, and this one was definitely the right price, and new in the package, so I don't feel too bad about it.


How cute is this little Japanese bento box? It's practical, too--I've been on the hunt for something with small compartments and a lid, for freezing single servings of homemade baby food purees, and this is the perfect size!


Do we need a new container for flour? Well, strictly speaking, no. But this one is so vintage cool and in such perfect shape! There is no way I was leaving it there. I can re-purpose the current flour-holding jar into something else, I'm sure.


Oh look, something I actually went to the thrift store intending to buy! Each of these pieces of heavy weight decorator's type fabric is about a yard, so they're perfect to serve as backdrops for Buzzy's weekly photo shoots (we've been using blankets, but we're just about out of those). And fabric is expensive, so thrifting it is definitely my best option when I'm just going to be using it once and then recycling it or giving it away.


This one is a totally frivolous buy, but isn't it pretty? I've always wanted a perfume atomizer, and I love the look of this porcelain one. I almost put it back, after chiding myself about buying things I like but don't need, but then I noticed the "Hand Painted in West Germany" sticker on it, as well as the $3 original price tag from a Washington D.C. department store that hasn't existed for at least 20 years. When I thought it was new, I could resist it, but being an antique pushed it over the edge for me.


These guys were a no brainer! I collect carved wooden animals, and all three of these little wee ones were in a bag together, for I think $2. No way they weren't coming to live with the rest of the collection. I think they're the smallest members, but they're mighty!


This heavy wrought iron bunny hook set is either old or just made to look old, but either way, isn't it adorable? I think it's going to go in the baby's room.


Finally, my favorite find of the day and one of my favorites of recent years--this is a full set of brand new hand bells. There is no information of any kind in the case, so I haven't the foggiest idea who makes them, but how great are they? Pending her permission, they're going to go live in the toddler playland that is my friend E's house--she has 1.5 year old twins, and these seem like a great gift for them.

All in all, a very good thrifting day. I love these types of trips, where I get an assortment of stuff that is both fun and useful. The baby was happy for part of the time and slept for part of the time, so I had a couple of hours to walk around the store and check things out, and I love the collection of stuff I came home with. It's days like this, more than the occasional great big store, that make me such an avid thrifter.

What have you thrifted lately? Anything practical? Anything completely impractical?


Awesome finds, Grace! Love the bunny hooks. Reminds me of a pewter bunny platter that I picked up at an ECEC garage sale for $2 that still had a Nordies tag on it. I would LOVE to go thrift shopping with you; maybe during your next visit? My schedule doesn't leave much time for thrift shopping but I never miss the annual Coburg Antique Fair. Currently shopping for an antique/old dining room table. Any suggestions on where to look?

Oh my goodness I LOVE that rooster fabric! If you're not keeping it after B's photo shoot I'll buy it from you!
Kat (sophiekat)

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