Dollar Store Craft: Pink & Shiny Valentine's Jars

As promised, my contribution to the dollar store craft repository!

It occurred to me, as I looked through around ten thousand Pinterest pins, that two of the things that make inexpensive materials and simple procedures look nice as gifts are 1) putting it in a jar (seriously, everything is better in a glass jar) and 2) color conformity. With those two things in mind, I conceived a craft project for my kid to send to some of the ladies in his life (the grandma ladies, that is) for Valentine's Day. I envisioned a jar full of small, pink, useful items. And when you're looking for small and inexpensive, where better to start than the dollar store?

I came home with this bounty:

Lots of pink stuff, right? Everything except for the Lindt truffles, which were from Target, came from the dollar store. I ended up supplementing with just a few things from the dollar bins at Target and stuff I had on hand, too, but this could easily be done with just dollar store finds. A few things I included were: fuzzy socks, shower sponges, multipurpose cleaning cloths, paracord bracelets (my favorite addition), hand sanitizer, pedicure kits, and candy. You could literally use anything, though, and it doesn't have to be pink--I think the important part is that it's all the same color, rather than which color you choose.

After I had my contents ready, I worked out what I wanted for vessels. Cheap and simple were the name of the game, so I used all supplies I had on hand:

Then it was pretty much a matter of adding A and B together! I covered each jar's lid with a circle of scrapbook paper, then glued ribbon around the rim (Washi tape would have been easier, probably, but I didn't have that on hand). I made some heart-shaped tags using the paper and some small pictures of Buzzy I had leftover from Christmas presents. And I stuffed each jar as full as possible with pink things!

Cute, right? I was happy with how these turned out. Hopefully the recipients will be thrilled as well!

Done any dollar store crafting lately? Any special Valentine's? Leave a comment! Leave a link!
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