Thrift Finds, 2/15/13


Last time I went thrifting, I forgot to photograph all of my purchases before they made their way out into my house. However, I did manage to snap photos of my two favorite scores, so I thought I'd share them with you today.

First, an addition to my collection of Mexican animal pottery. Or, really, several additions:

Apparently, an owl collector just made a bit deposit at my thrift store, because there were literally hundreds of owl figurines, pictures, etc. I managed to resist all of them except for these guys. I love these guys. The littlest ones are only about an inch tall.

And then these. Does anybody know what where these alphabet cards are from? There aren't any markings or labels on them. I absolutely LOVE them. They'll be decor in Buzzy's room, once I figure out the best way to display them. I can't decide which I like best. Urchin? Iguana? Marmot? Hedgehog? It's so hard!

Some details:
How about you? Done any thrifting lately?

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Oh my goodness, those little owls! I love them. And those alphabet cards are great- the red fox is my favorite.

Love both of these!!!!!! Great finds, Grace!

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