Thrift Finds, 2/6/13


A friend recently told me that the posts in which I show you all my thrifted finds are her favorite part of my blog. I was surprised--I always feel self-indulgent blogging about stuff I've thrifted and am afraid it's boring. I guess at the end of the day, though, blogging is a fairly self-indulgent venture all the way around, and at least I know one person likes my thrifted finds posts, so I may as well keep doing them. Besides, telling y'all what I come home with keeps me honest about buying worthless junk!

My last thrift trip had about a $20 price tag, all told. It also had a bit of an aeronautical theme. I bought:

A baby bathtub has been on my list for a few weeks now, but all of the ones I've seen have been kinda skanky. This froggy model, from Safety 1st, looked to be unused! It was, I think, $5.

These two new-in-package acrylic frames are intended for a future craft project, so you'll be seeing them again. They were $.69 each.

These are both new-in-package additions to the big bin of potential gifts I keep around, which has been getting pretty empty lately. The Klutz Build-a-Book kits just tickled me--how cute are they? They were, I think, $1.91 each. The Make-Your-Own-Kaleidoscope kit is also awesome, and was, I think, $2.50. I am considering opening and checking it out, though, as I think I could put together a really cool DIY version, too.

This partial set of Tupperware Toys kids' play dishes is one of my favorite finds in a long while. This isn't the 1979 version I had, but it's the next one out, I believe, from the mid-80s. It's also in perfect shape, and all it is missing to be complete is the cake plate and the pitcher! I can't wait for Buzzy to be old enough to play with these! I believe the set was $1.99.

And then we come to the promised airplanes. I came home with two airplane related purchases, and one of them is another total favorite thrift find.

The top picture is a yard of fabric I got for $2.99, intended for a weekly picture backdrop for Buzzy. It's cute, right? I love how it says "Amerika." The bottom picture, however, is my big score. How much do you love those vintage planes? It's a ROLL OF WALLPAPER. I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet, other than possibly line Buzzy's dresser drawers, but I adore it. It was $1.91.

And that brings us to the end of this week's installment! See anything you like? Anything you can't believe I bought? What have you thrifted lately?

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I also enjoy your thrift posts. I've only been thrifting for about a year, and primarily those have been clothes for myself. But looking ahead, I'd like to thrift supplies for future kids so I find your posts inspiring. :)

I recently found a bunch of photo frames for a friend's wedding, cool and needed storage for Lem's doll clothes in a tin lunch pail and a cute purple flower pot. I'm looking for vintagey/old train stuff though and haven't been finding much there :(

I am agreed with Angie we both enjoyed allot in seeing your post so many things you added here in your blog. Its a good thing in free time we all must have to try this.

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