I've intended to jump on the bandwagon for one of the Young House Love Pinterest Challenges since they started, but this time I finally did it. In fact, I did it twice. And...I'm gonna have to have another go.

The project I chose was animal bookends, made with plastic animals from the dollar store or similar. Several versions have popped up on Pinterest, including these, these, and these. First, I attempted the type mounted on wooden blocks, as instructed by kellyqc at Maddie Grace Interiors. The materials were simple:

The dinosaurs were from Dollar Tree ($1 each), the wooden blocks from Michael's (about $1.50 each, I think). The paint was leftover from another project and the adhesive was a couple of bucks at Big Lots.

The process was also simple--spray paint the dinos and the wood blocks, then glue A to B. And they turned out cute.

Unfortunately, they also turned out too lightweight to actually hold books. About a half second after this photo was taken, the books fell over. Oops. Back to the drawing board.

The next set, using acrylic photo frames, as described by Jessica at Mad in Crafts, had even more cheap and simple materials:

Again, leftover spray paint, and the same adhesive as above. The two photo frames were about $.50 each at the thrift store and the slightly larger dinosaur was from the $1 bins at Target. The hardest part was figuring out how to cut the plastic dino cut in half (in the end, I used a bread knife). Same process as before--I spray painted both pieces, then secured each half dino to a frame.

Again, turned out cute. And again, totally useless as bookends.

So now I plan to make a third try, using the directions Cassie gives at Hi, Sugarplum! I haven't decided yet whether I will buy some sort of stones at the hardware store or try to use a more natural set I gathered on a walk. At the very least, those should hold books up! I'll keep you informed. In the meantime, I'm glad to have attempted a Pinterest project! It's inspiring me to do a few more.

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I love the elephant ones so much.

Aw, it's a shame they didn't work out, but good for you for trying! I need to do something in my son's room with the trillions of dinosaurs he has lying around.

Why not try the metal bookends and paint and attach things to them? Same idea as the plastic frames, but those metal ones will hold up books. I like to glue felt on the bottom so I don't scratch up my bookshelves. Cute ideas.

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