Happy Mail Week 2: Small Gifts for Small Folks


As promised, a second installment of my attempts to spread love via mail! Last week, I sent out three dog toys to some of my favorite folks' favorite dogs. And they arrived! 

Henry liked his happy mail!

Neko and Roger also approved!

This week, I put the canines aside (for now!) and send treats to a couple of my favorite kids. And then another of my favorite kids! For not-quite 2 year-old twins, I decided on a small double-sided white board (Target $1 section) and a set of (washable, because I really do love these kids' parents) dry erase markers (also from Target). I packaged it up with a polka dot label (also from Target) and some rainbow duck tape (thrifted).

All ready to go:

For a slightly older cousin of mine, I found this really cool Alex bouncy ball making kit at the thrift store, so I decided to stick a label and some stamps on that. Cool chevron duck tape is from the $1 bin at Target.

I have more ideas for kids coming up, but I think I'll switch to an adult friend or two next week. I'll keep you updated! In the meantime, have any of you put anything happy-making in the mail recently? Tell me about it in the comments!

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