Happy Mail Week 3: The Pre-Made Option


The Happy Mail I intended for this week fell through, due to my own creative incompetence, so I found myself at the end of the week and not having sent anything. I decided that rather than skip a week so early in this project, I'd go with one of my easy peasy back-up options. Something that could just be labeled and mailed.

I bought these two Klutz Build-a-Book kits at the thrift store a month or two back. I just thought they were the cutest little kits, and I could see a kid in the 5-7 year old range having a grand old time with them. Sure, I think something I put together myself out of my own supplies might be cooler, but like I said, this week was a back-up plan kind of week.

All I did was label them using some alphabet stickers I found in the $1 section of Target and some labels I got on clearance at Michael's, add postage at the meter, and pop them in the mail to a pair of not-quite-six-year-old twins I know.

Cheap ($.99 each for the kits, $2.07 for the postage on each) and simple, but I think these will bring a smile, and that's the point! I'll be back next week with something a bit more creative.

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