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So, in the midst of the general body related angst post-pregnancy life brings, there is one bright spot. I really, really love my hair.

This is not typically the case for post-partum women, who lose hair in big handfuls after their babies are born, which is then replaced by "dumb baby hair"--little whispy growth around the hair line that doesn't look right. And I've experienced both of these phenomena, but I am still in hair love. I'm sure this is partially due to my hair being so thick to begin with that the post-partum loss doesn't even bring it down to a normal amount, much less make it thin. It also has to do, probably, with my hair being one of the less effected parts of my body--unlike the rest of this mess, it feels like it's still more or less what I started with. Mostly, though, I think it's down to prenatal/nursing vitamins. Those things are healthy hair magic.

I've had virtually the same hair cut for at least four or five years now, and I'm not sick of it. It's long, layered, and when I can be bothered, blown straight. Even back in my pink hair days (remember those?) it was more or less cut the same way it is now. I've been thinking lately, though, that I ought to try to branch out a little bit with styling. That's where this great tutorial comes in. Watching it, I actually believe I, with my hands all full of thumbs rather than nimble fingers, could maybe create that style (well, I'd have to buy the tools/products first, but after that). Doesn't she make it seem easy?

After you watch the video, be sure to enter the contest! And if you try this style, find me on social media and show me how it turned out!

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For me these are the pink hair days.

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