Happy Mail updates


As busy as things have been recently, I'm happy to report that I've been able to sneak out a couple of Happy Mail deliveries, both to the kids of friends.

My friend E. has almost-two year old twins who are obsessed currently with dustpans. They can scoop AND be used as guitars! So, when I saw plastic dustpans with bear and frog faces on them in the dollar bins at Target (I think, but it may have been at Dollar Tree...), of course I grabbed two and slapped stamps and labels on them. Only one of them made in intact, the other broke in transit, but I'm told the twins were thrilled with their mail and are happy to share.


More recently, another trip to the $1 Spot at Target (one of my favorite places!) netted me some super cool Crayola coloring rolls and washable mini markers:


A quick snip of the plastic on each end of the tube and I could hide the markers inside, then tape it back up and slap on some labels! A set each went out to the two young sons of another friend. They haven't arrived yet, but I remain hopeful they'll get there intact!



Sent any surprise mail lately, Happy or otherwise? I still have a ton of ideas for these little bombs of joy, so I am hopeful I can keep it up!


I am doing a happy mail project. I am sending anonymous postcards to people in my town who have beautiful yards, saying thank you for making our area so beautiful. It's like a treasure hunt now when I drive around, looking for nice yards and scribbling down addresses.

Oh oh oh, I hope I remembered to say thanks for the Happy Egg Mail! I love getting happy surprises in the mail, of any variety. Even a postcard is enough to make my day, and I should make more of an effort to send some joy out into the world via the USPS. Thanks for the reminder!

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