What I'm Wearing to Work: An Update


I've been trying for weeks to get a picture of myself in the morning so I could tell you about how I'm dressing this new body for this new job. Unfortunately, mornings at my house are still insane enough that a photo session just doesn't make the priority list. I thought about drawing you a picture, but that would only end in tears. So let's try Polyvore instead?

A recent worn-to-work outfit:

What I'm Wearing to Work


Loft Flocking Bird Print Tie Neck Blouse | Steal That DressSteal That...

The linked products are the exact ones I have, the others are approximations. My chambray trousers are actually from the Ann Taylor outlet store, and my black flats are an old style by Naturalizer. But you get the idea.

I'm not completely happy with the current look, but not totally unhappy, either. My new office is very casual, so this level of dressing makes me one of the more dressed up people around. I'm OK with that, I think, but it's a fine line and I definitely don't want to get too formal. I'm also worried recently about my move towards simplicity and understated clothes making me look just plain boring--I feel like the cute bird print blouse in the bright color guards against that in this particular case, but some mornings I do look at myself and yawn. Makeup is the same deal--I want an understated, streamlined look, but I'm trying not to put myself to sleep (or make myself look older than I am).

So, that's about where I am, fashion-wise. I am hoping to have some more in-depth and interesting things to say about clothes and the post-partum body and all that in the future.

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