I am picky about my little boy's clothes. Ridiculously picky, actually. So many rules: no characters (with some limited exceptions), no slogans, nothing violent, nothing stupid, blah blah blah. And yes, I definitely have a soft spot for some of the higher end (and higher priced) kids' clothes retailers (Tea Collection, I am looking at you!). However, the majority of my baby's non-thrifted clothes come from moderate-to-low priced lines, and I'm pretty typically able to find many more options than he could ever wear for cute things to buy. Because of this, I find the complaints about the lack of nice, non-misogynistic clothes available for little boys puzzling. I seriously wonder if it's a difference in taste or in where we shop that puts me on one side of this question and the majority of my fellow small-boy-mom friends on the other. With the purpose of perhaps figuring it out, I pulled together a quick collection of moderately priced and currently available toddler boys' clothes, from common stores (Target, which is my favorite; Old Navy; and Kohl's). All of these things should be accessible either in-store or online, all are moderately priced (typically $8-$15), and I think all are crazy cute. There is, however, a caveat--unlike the more "upscale" brands, where I can pretty much pick up anything and think it's nice, finding these items does require a little bit of digging, either virtual or in-store. You have to get through the obnoxious character stuff to get to these more subdued and classic pieces. But lucky you, this time I did that for you!


Old Navy



Those are cute! I really like the choo choo one from Old Navy.

My 3 year old has some of those fake layered long sleeve shirts and the only thing I don't like about the light colored sleeves is he gets them really grubby. That might be a testament to my laundry abilities though.

Megan, it's not you, it's the shirts. Light colors just stain more when subjected to a child doing the things children are supposed to do.

I totally agree. What's not cute about stripes, trains, robots, cutesie monsters?

I have a harder time finding cute but not nauseating girls clothes, especially now that she loves frills, and dresses that spread out, and lace, and tulle. I swear, it all comes with butterflies AND sparkles AND ruffles. I think they need to follow that rule of thumb during design when you put all your girlie elements together and then remove 2.

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