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Tracking the trackers


I realized, while writing my technology post the other day, that I use and enjoy an awful lot applications to track things. I've always been like this--for years I kept lists of Oscar nominees and winners (this was before such things could be looked up online--I'm old). Did I need these lists? No, I just wanted to keep track. I also saved every movie ticket stub I got from 1993-2000. No idea why. I just like to have records of things. Now, though, I don't have to keep endless notebooks full of lists--I can use a world of online tools. So let's discuss them, shall we?

The first thing I remember tracking online was books I'd read. My mom is a big book tracker--she uses a little notebook, making notes of when she started a book, when she finished it, and what she thought. This helps or not to accidentally pick up books she's already read, and it really helps her find titles when she wants to recommend something. I use GoodReads do to basically the same job. I don't use the community aspects much--I rarely write reviews (though I do use star ratings) or make recommendations--but I use it to keep track of what I read in a given year, as well as what I start and don't finish. I have a list of "to read" books there too, though I rarely look at it. I use the iPhone app as well, so I can look things up on-the-go. Finally, I use use a widget from GoodReads to publish "What I'm Reading" section on my sidebar here. Other sites that I know people use for similar purposes are Library Thing and Shelfari, neither of which I have used.

I track the movies I've watched on All Consuming, where I also give a very basic review (just good, bad, or neutral) and use a widget for my sidebar here. I don't love All Consuming--seems like there are quite a few problems with the way the interface works, and I don't like that you are supposed to track all kinds of consumption there--I'd rather have something just for movies. I've thought about switching to something else, but I've never gotten around to it. Other sites that track movies you've watched are Coollector, iCheckMovies, Movie Tally, and Flixter.

There have to be a million places you can track what you eat and how much and how hard you work out, and I think I've used most of them. The one I used for the longest time, and first, was FitDay. I found it to be really useful and easy to navigate, but I ended up having to put a lot of things in manually. Then again, that was several years ago, so the library of foods may have been improved since then. Other options include Livestrong, Sparkpeople, Calorie Counter, Nutridiary, My Fitness Pal, My Food Diary, and on and on. Weight Watchers online has their own system as well, and I would bet other diet programs do, too. I've had it with all of these--turns out my food intake is something that I really don't want to track long-term. But the tools are certainly available if you do.

The only thing for which there are more trackers than food, I think, is money. The web and smart phone world offers 101 ways to track your spending. The two I use are Mint, which I love because I can tie all my accounts together in it and see everything in one place, and Money Engine, which I've recently started using on my iPhone to manually log the purchases I make throughout the day, as a means of keeping myself accountable. Something about the way Money Engine looks just works for me--it's very simple. However, there are a million options. Some of the more popular ones are Mvelopes, Electric Checkbook, Budget Pulse, and Expense Register.

I've actually never used a tracker for household tasks (which you can probably tell if you've ever been to my house), but I know a lot of people do. The ones I've heard mentioned the most are: Chore Buster, Chore Wars (for the WoW crowd), Remember the Milk, and My Job Chart (for kids). People have also been raving about Home Routines for the iPhone.

Menstrual cycle
Since I stopped using hormonal birth control, I've been attempting to track my menstrual cycle. It only recently occurred to me that (duh) I didn't need to do it on my calendar by hand--there's an app for that! First, I used My Monthly Cycles, which I found kinda tedious. Then I switched to Monthly Info, which is a lot more user-friendly and much simpler. I realized, though, that what I really wanted was something on my phone, so I downloaded Period Tracker Lite (the free version), with which I am very happy. If and when I start temping, I may upgrade, but for now, this does everything I want it to do. Other similar apps for iPhone are iPeriod, Aunt Flo, Lady Biz, and Ovulation Calendar. If you want to go old-school, Fertility Friend also has both online and mobile applications. There are also some apps for men to track their female partners' periods, but I am not going to say anything about those.

I *think* those are the only things I am currently tracking electronically, though I'm sure I've missed something. Hit me in the comments--what do you keep track of? Where?


love this round up! I also use mint, but Money Engine is tempting because it *is* the non-fixed expenses that trip me up. If I ever lose my iphone I am lost! :p

This will sound weird, but it gave me a good laugh, my reader, your blog is alphabetically right next to that of a middle-aged lesbian divinity student, and I swear I thought I was reading her post. Imagine the look on my face when you started talking about hormonal birth control. I seriously puzzled for five minutes about why a middle-aged lesbian would need birth control!

Thanks for mentioning expenseRegister in this post. I'd love to hear what you or your readers think about expenseRegister (likes and dislikes). Few things I like are - it is easy to get started (I think).

Disclaimer: I also build and run expenseRegister.

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Getting the most from my technology


I'm one of those people who gets comfortable with how something is and loathes to change it, even if I am vaguely aware that there is a better way to do things. It's not a trait I love in myself, so I'm trying to branch out a bit.

One of the arenas in which I know I could be doing things more efficiently if I stepped outside my comfort zone is my technological life. I have these tools--my laptop, my iPhone--that I know can be used to do far more than they do, but I am hesitant about how to maximize their value.

So, I'm trying to consciously make an effort to get more out of my technology. Right now, I'm focusing on addressing issues I know I have or things I know I wish I could do more easily, and looking for solutions.

Some examples:

I'm a long-time user of Google Reader. And I like it, but it doesn't do everything I wish it did. I don't love the way things are displayed in it, and I'm not able to save things for use later the way I'd like to. So, last night I downloaded Feedly. I definitely prefer Feedly's interface to GReader's, and the preview window, which allows me to view entries in their original on-blog format, without actually going to the blog, is great. There is also an easy way to save entries, and (I think) even categorize saved entries. Plus it worked in sync with Reader, so anything you do in one, you've done in both. It's going to take a bit to get used to it (I've used GReader for a long time), but I think I'll end up sticking with the upgrade.

Another thing I wanted to do starting in this new year was track my online time. I know I spend too much time online, but I don't really know how much it adds up to. So, I started with the simple Firefox add-on Time Tracker. All Time Tracker does is install a little clock at the bottom of your browser window that keeps track of how much time you're active in the browser--it times out if you don't do anything for 60 seconds. It doesn't keep track of where you're active, just that you're online. That's helpful, but I'd really prefer something that shows me where I'm spending all that time. So, I'm trying out Rescue Time. Rescue Time shows you how much time you're spending at a given website. Or, at least, that's what it is supposed to do. Thus far (and it's only Day 2), I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to show me specific sites, and not just browsers versus utilities versus finder. I think the problem is me and not the tool, though, so I'm going to keep messing with it.

For several weeks, I've been trying to make another Firefox add-on, CoComment, work for me. What it's supposed to do is keep track of the blogs where I leave comments, and notify me if more comments are left, so I can check for responses to what I said. However, only about 1/3 of the blogs I read seem to support it, which limits its utility. I'm also not particularly happy with the layout--I find it unwieldy and confusing. That said, I can't find anything better to do the same job, so I'm trying to work with it.

Another thing I use, and have for quite a bit, is StumbleUpon. I love StumbleUpon. It allows me to easily share the great blog posts I come across and see what my friends have recommended. I have no gripes at all about how it works, either--it's totally easy to use and I use it every day.

I've recently been downloading iPhone apps like a madwoman. I have no idea how many of them I'll use long term, but I have to admit I kinda like seeing the little buttons on my screen. I've downloaded the mobile version of Mint, which I have used online for a couple of years. For a more interactive spending tracking experience, though, I'm also going to try Money Engine. I have this theory that I am going to track every penny I spend in 2011--so we'll see how that goes. I have to say, the interface for Money Engine seems really user friendly to me, so hopefully that will encourage me to use it.

I also recently downloaded Period Tracker Lite, to keep track of my cycle. I've been using Monthly Info online, but it's more convenient to have something on my phone.

What else...? Hipstamatic, which everyone seems to be wild about, but I'm not finding much of a use for. Toodledoo, which I will theoretically learn to use rather than just making shopping or errand lists in Notes. And Gaia GPS Lite, which I plan to try out on the next occasion I am failed by Google maps. My favorite new find, though, is this little set of instructions, allowing me to sync my beloved Google Calendar with my iPhone calendar.

Finally, I recently started using FlickrImportr to move photos easily from Flickr to Facebook, which is nice, as it allows me to categorize and edit photos in Flickr and then move as few or many of them to Facebook for sharing as I'd like.

So help me out--what am I missing here? What should I be using to better my technological life? I'm not opposed to paying for things, if they're worth it, but bonus points for free. Leave suggestions in the comments!


I think I'm okay with Google Reader, but I may check out Feedly. I really want something that will let me manage feeds AND easily tag individual posts for later - instead of having google reader and delicious separate.

The commenting thing is an interesting quandary. and Blogger blogs often have a "subscribe to comments" notification that I will often use if I want to see what people said in the comments after me. It would be nice to have a single app to track all my comments, but I don't know how it would interface with all the different platforms.

Dang girl you are ON that technology train!

I totally don't know when someone responds to a comment I made on their blog; that's why I always comment back on my commenter's blog. I also kind of hate when people comment back in their own feels like "cheating" (artificially boosting the comment count) :D

What's your stumbleupon handle? I haven't used that in ages but I'd love to see what you're stumbling.

Some of the apps I use most are:

Living Strong: Calorie Tracker - To track calories. I was using their website before I got my iPhone.

Awesome Note - Probably similar to Toodledoo.

Mint - love this app.

Groupon & Living Social - Daily deals for your town.

Clinks Free - Wine/Beer Journal

inClass - for tracking my school homework, projects, etc.

Car Minder - Tracking gas mileage, repairs, etc for my car

Evernote - File sharing/storing

C25K - Trying to run a 5K. This does the couch to 5K program using your own ipod play list.

JotNot Pro - Scanner. I use it for school documents but works also for business cards, and other documents.

Yelp - Find/reviews local Restaurants and services

Others you probably already have but just in case - Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, Weather Channel, Youtube.

I use Xpenser to track my spending. It's the only tracking app that I use for anything and I like it pretty well.

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Super Grace!

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Ooh, I found a fun toy last night! The HeroMachines 2.5 Super Hero Generator! There are tons of options, and you can build your own superheros. I'll do something more exotic later, but in the meantime, here is the superhero version of me:

super grace.pdf


Ahh! too much fun!

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Polyvore: Funnest Internet toy evah.


Am I the last person on Earth to learn about Polyvore? Just in case I'm not, I have to tell you about it. It's the best online toy I have found in forever. It is all loaded up with items of clothing, accessories, and beauty products, and you pick them and put them into sets. What you end up with is something that reminds me of the style board things on How Do I Look? (my favorite makeover show, though I prefered it when Anna Devane from General Hospital was the hostess).

The items are everything from high-end designer stuff to Old Navy and Wet Seal, and mixing and matching those is fun. You can filter things by type and color and cost, and the combinations you can put together are endless. Maybe this is to femme for most of my readers, but I have to say, it's like online paper dolls. I love it.

And of course I've been putting together looks for myself.

Grace 1

Think I could pull this one off?

It also helps to explain things. You know that sleek vintage look I was hoping to be able to wear to the wedding? In my mind, it would be something along these lines:

Grace forrmal

Is that what you were picturing?

You can also explore the collages made by other people, which is good fun. There is a forum, and there is a way to add items to the choices, although I haven't quite gotten that far yet. Since I really do think I'm a late adopter on this one, I won't bore you with any more details, but just in case you didn't already know about, now you do. Enjoy!


Sounds like fun! I haven't played with it, but I noticed it on the board before. I may have to check it out.

That dress is gorgeous!!!! I don't look good in long dresses because I look too short. Sigh, but I love long sleek dresses.

OMG, I could spend days on that site. It's not good for my budget or to-do list but oh look at all the pretty stuff! I love the "Top Sets". WOW!

Well I'd never heard about it, but I'm kooky like that :)

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Are any of you using Plinky? I love the concept--somewhere between blogs and Twitter, but with prompts! But so far I haven't been very good about integrating it into my current online schedule. So, if you use it, how? And can I follow you?

I'm here, BTW.


This is so neat but I can not add any more to my online to-do list, lol.

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Friday I'm in Love

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And in honor of all of those bloggers who regularly use Friday to list things they love (and make all of our days brighter), I give you a playlist of songs I unabashedly and completely love. Enjoy.

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes


Heh. We sure have a lot of musical similarities... the first 4 songs on your mix are definitely some of my all time favorites. Also, the Ani. That "I Drink" song is amazing, I hadn't heard it before. Going to have to check out more of her stuff, for sure.

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Ooh, fun toy!

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Thanks to the future spinster librarian for pointing the way to this one.

This is a wordle of my blog. Go here to make your own.



These are so fun! I could seriously do them all day (maybe that's just because I have work to do and am procrastinating, but still!).

Glad your grandma is okay, sorry for the double comments on that post, I thought the first one didn't take!

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Weight loss simulator


On today's travels through blogland, I landed upon the My Bento Diet blog, which in turn introduced me to the Prevention magazine weight loss simulator (basically the same deal as the virtual model you can use on some clothing websites). I am both in awe and in horror of this little gadget, so of course I had to share.

According to the tool, this is me at my starting weight (left), current weight (middle) and goal weight (right):
starting weightcurrent weightgoal weight

I hate to admit it, but I'm inspired.


See, I think they ALL look nice! The one thing about these simulators is that I can input my height/weight but the model doesn't look like me. Her breasts aren't where mine are and her belly/hips/thighs aren't ever as lumpy as mine are. If I could be the size of that first model and be as smooth as that in a swimsuit, I'd be thrilled! lol

You'll also become a sexy spanish lady in the process!

I typed in '50' as goal weight. The thing didn't comment on why someone who weighs 140 might want to get to that stage, and the model still looked healthy. Which I don't think an actual person of my height would be at 50lbs.

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Pretty pretty princess Grace


Turns out that if I wore a whole lot of carefully applied and expensive make-up, I'd look like this.

grace made up.jpg

Go to Taaz to do your own.

Thanks to Jenny for the toy.


so you become in soft focus when you wear makeup?

ooh, so annoying!!! i cannot upload a photo!!

WUSS! You should have tried out the hilarious hair.

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New toy


So, hard as it may believe for most of you to believe, there is actually at least one person out there who is interested in my music taste and endless play lists. And I totally love her for it. And I have a new toy now. Something that can show you, in more-or-less real time, what I am listening to. You'll be able to find it on the sidebar anytime you're interested.

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List 11: Six words


Have you heard of Six Word Memoirs? The concept is pretty simple--tell your life story in only and exactly six words. Some of my favorites:

1. I slept through most of it.
2. I asked God. He said nothing.
3. Hoping for just one extra day.
4. I'm beginning to think it's me.
5. Dotted i's, crossed t's, now what?
6. Inspired hired fired tired retired expired.
7. Suddenly, something happened... No, false alarm
8. Suggestions wanted for new interesting vices.
9. 78. 45. 33. 8-track. MP3. Next.
11. God Called, you have 1 message.
12. Being a grown-up is more fun.
13. Zoloft daily, beer often, fuck yoga.

I am trying desperately to think of a clever one of my own, but coming up totally blank.

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Christmas gift reviews


So, because I am an awfully spoiled little beast, I got several of the items on my wish list as Christmas gifts. And because I am review-happy, I thought I'd share with all of you how wonderful they all are.

Mark surprised me with several of my wish listed items. One was a hammered silver circle and sea glass pendant from Twigs & Heather. It is absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately came on a chain too short to comfortably go around my super sized neck, so it is going to have to be fixed/exchanged. He also got me a funky address book and the Alpha Bitch thermal I was lusting after, which I've barely taken off since I got it (though it did garner me some strange looks in the airport).

Family members showered me with red KitchenAid items, including a coffee grinder and a 14-cup coffee pot. I will soon buy the red tea kettle (using the gift card my boss got me, perhaps?) and then my evil collecting will be complete!

Finally, my lovely friends got me a patchwork messenger bag from Textile Fetish. It is truly awesome, but unfortunately not sturdy enough to hold up to everyday use. So it's going to have to be a bit of a special occasion bag.

I also got some cash for Christmas, which I am tempted to use to buy myself a couple of the other things on my list (specifically a piece of paper sculpture and a Broken Plate Pendant). But really, I should just start off the New Year right and put the Christmas cash towards my outrageous credit card bills...we'll see.

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43 Things, All Consuming

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In the spirit of New Year's goals/resolutions, I'm making a 43 Things list. It's here, if you are interested. I only have 14 things so far, but I imagine I will be adding to it.

And, on Jenny's recommendation, I'm going to use All Consuming to track my movie watching this year. So far, I've seen two flicks, and am about to head out to another one. Watching more movies is a goal for this year!



I just saw your 43 things list says "have your picture taken by Karen Walrond" -- let's make this happen! Email me, and we'll try to figure something out. :-)


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Readership survey


Somewhere (and I honestly can't remember where) and I saw this interesting little thing--a survey about your blog readership, kind of demographic type stuff. I thought I'd try it here. Be forewarned, the sucker is long and kinda random, but you can do as much or as little of it as you want and whatever you've done previously will be saved, so if you feel in a survey-taking mood, please click:

Please take my Blog Reader Project survey.

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Online lists? What could be better?


Yesterday, as I was whining about not having any place online to store a running list of books I want to read, I decided to try and find something. Everything exists online, so why not a list tool? Well, I didn't have to look very hard before I found Ta-da Lists, which is exactly what I'd been looking for. It's free, simple to use, and allows me to make multiple lists, which can be either public or private. Perfect!

My Books to Read list is here (also down on the sidebar). Check it out and tell me what needs to be added?


Ooh, have you checked out I'm addicted to it, you can make lists of books you've read and rate them, put them in categories, and make a "to read" shelf. As well as see what other people are reading and review books.


There's also a Facebook ap that helps you keep track of books. I put stuff on my amazn wish list. Also, Shelfari and


Oh also, librarything

Oh my, so many choices...why didn't I know about these before? I LOVE LISTS!

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Despair, Inc.


I'm having a less-than-stellar day. If you are too, go here.

My personal favorite has to be the dysfunction lithograph, followed closely by the meetings one. You?

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A brief rant on my name

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While peering at the Lizard Kingdom, I noticed the link to the Social Security Administration's baby names site. In 1979, when I was born, my name was the 343rd most popular female name in the U.S. I am so OK with that. Go Mom. In 2005, it was number 14. Fucking 14. Slightly less popular than Alexis, slightly more popular than Sarah. The female popularity equivalent of David. So not OK. I liked having a name that only old ladies had. I liked being not only the only Grace in my grade, but the only one in my school. No more.

Number 343 for 2005? Tatum. Maybe I should switch.


But if you change your name to Tatum, I won't be able to call you Gracie from the Block anymore!

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On Notice


Ooooh, this is fun...

On Notice picture

Go here to do your own.


Hee. I didn't read yours closely before doing mine. We both had Mel Gibson.

I think almost every one I've seen so far has Gibson on it. Although, truly, he should be moved off of the On Notice list and onto the Dead to Me list.

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Ecological footprint

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Courtesy of The Princess, I just took the Ecological Footprint Quiz. If everyone consumed what I do, we'd need 3.5 planets. My total ecological footprint is 4 acres for food, 2.5 for mobility, 4.4 for shelter, and 4.7 for good/services, for a total of 16 acres. The average American's footprint is 24 acres, but there are only 4.5 biologically productive acres per person available on the planet.

Gives you a lot to think about.


Don't worry - you aren't as bad as me. I'd need 7.1 planets. I was pretty good on everything except the mobility - that 100 hours' flying time per year really made me look bad.

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Toy of the Day


This super-fun bit of silliness came from The Princess.

GRrACBear, wooden letter E

Go here to make your own.

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What do I need?


This bit of silliness is from Rahel over at Going Dutch.

Instructions: Google "*your first name* needs" and see what the Internet thinks you need.

Grace needs:

  • to see what she has helped cause (um, globally?)
  • no help to perservere (wow, that's pretty self-sufficient sounding)
  • to find her will (hrm...find her willpower, maybe...)
  • a new home (I do?)
  • a shrink (yeah, like that's news)

  • a lodger to help restore her house (that will be news to Mark...)
  • to be reading from books (to read from fewer books would actually be better)
  • to learn how to be a little more graceful (this is a lost cause)
  • to touch up (I like this, it's mysterious--touch up what?)
  • to find someone (news to me)
  • to access a file given with a relative pathname (right, but that would be, like, work)
  • external libraries (as opposed to internal ones?)
  • to be recalled (because her parts are defective)
  • more one on one time to be properly trained (many would agree with this)

  • to be a star (I'll say!)
  • no such help (not sure what this one even means)
  • a computing platform that supports Java (I think I have one, actually)
  • a man (um, no)
  • to be exercised (true)
  • to close down shop (I think not!)
  • that human foundation (I'm pretty sure I'm human down to the foundation)
  • new servants (ha!)
  • to be cultivated (it's gonna be an uphill battle)

  • as much healing as a Pilgrim (are Pilgrims in particular need of healing?)
  • to hide a terrible secret (makes me sound very mysterious...)
  • to stop worrying about Chloe (the only Chloe I know is an 8-lb Yorkie-Poo--I don't spend much time worrying about her)
  • to be read and taken to heart (in an ideal world, that's what the blog is for)
  • to find some class (again, a long uphill battle)
  • Tender Loving Care (I'm actually pretty good in that department)
  • to assemble a subcommittee (not if we have to have meetings)
  • to see *everything* (no shit)
  • to find out fast (again, true)

  • an assistant (probably wouldn't hurt, but man I'd be a pain to work for)
  • to be experienced (this would certainly help with the job hunt)
  • constant care (I don't think so, but Mark would likely disagree)
  • help with the simplest chores (only if it involves cooking)
  • a Guide (like a guide to life?)
  • big money (sure!)
  • to be seen and felt (definitely)
  • a family committed to immediate obedience training (OK, that one is just funny)
  • immortality (not really a big desire of mine)

  • our cooperation (that would indeed make things easier)
This meme rules. You all should totally do it.

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Once again and as usual, I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, or at least what I want to be next. So I'm taking online job/career aptitude tests. Which are proving to be 99.9% worthless, as far as I can tell, but maybe you'll see something in them I don't.

My "LiveCareer Profile" has this to say about my aptitudes:

Your highest score was on Writing, which means that you enjoy creative or technical writing. You are also likely to be interested in a broad range subjects, so finding occupations that allow you to exercise these interests would lead to higher work satisfaction for you. You also scored highly on Assertive, indicating that you prefer working situations in which it is appropriate to assert authority over others and to direct and monitor their work. Your high score on the Administration scale means that you enjoy the financial or day-to-day operations of a business or institution, supervising the activities of others, planning work schedules, and maintaining records.

To help illustrate, they give me a handy chart!

Basically, I like to write and I like to be in charge? Gee, I didn't need to answer 100 (or even 10) questions to figured that out...

The Career Focus Inventory tells me that I have "strong" interest in Communication and Social Science careers and "moderate" interest in Business Administration and Management. Again, not exactly rocket science.

Another site, I forget which one, suggested I might love being a technical writer. That's when I gave up.


Hm. I just took one of those quizzes, and it said I should be in Entertainment. NOOooooooo!!!! Next in line was Math, Science and Technology. Which is ironic, because I suck at all those things.

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New cool toy


I got this from Squid, and I think everyone should try it.

I got 76%. Not too shabby.


90%. Great fun!

Well, I learned some stuff, for sure. Got 62% too. Preen.

94%. I should say one of my favorite toys as a child was a wooden puzzle of the U.S. where every state was its own piece. Loved it. Loved. It.

OK, so I am suddenly not so proud of myself. I think with me it's more a spacial relations thing than not knowing where the states are--if the outlines are there, I can identify them all--it's just getting them within 50 miles of the right place that seems to be the problem. I am now on to the Europe map! Then, one by one, the other continents! I will learn geography!

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This is so cool

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Baby Name Wizard

The huge spike recently in the popularity of my name, however, is not that cool.


My youngest sister heartily agrees with you.

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Choose your own adventure democracy


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Things to do before you die


According to this, I have done 5/10 Things to do in Portland before you die and 2/10 Things to do in Austin before you die. Not terrible, but not great, for cities I have lived in.

For cities I have visited, I'm a measly 1/10 Things to do in New York before you die and 1/10 Things to do in Cleveland before you die.

Even though I have been to the cities, I haven't done anything on the list for San Francisco, Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, or Philadelphia.

Guess I'd better get on it.

**To check out your city, go here.

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This surprises me


(From Zoe.)

Grace is the #114 most common female name.
0.189% of females in the US are named Grace.
Around 240975 US females are named Grace!

In other news, my middle name, which I have never heard of anyone having, is the 4232rd most common female name in the U.S. Apparently about 1275 people have it. My last name? 41st most common. There are around 400,000 of us in the U.S. alone.

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Birthday color


This is from Pinky, and it amuses me.

My month color is marigold and my day color is apricot. I am very happy about this, as both are orange-y, and I love orange.

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Grammar God!


I am a "Grammar God." Go here and see how grammatically sound you are.

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Where should I live?


There is a great quiz here that gives you advice on what cities would be a good match for you. My list is long...and strange. Some of them make sense, but fucking Las Vegas is first! Las Vegas?

My list:
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Portland, Oregon
Little Rock, Arkansas
Sacramento, California
San Diego, California
Orange County, California
Henderson, Nevada
Long Beach, California
Honolulu, Hawaii
New Orleans, Louisiana
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Oakland, California
Los Angeles, California
Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana
Corvallis, Oregon
Natchitoches, Louisiana
Salem, Oregon
Riverside, California
San Bernardino, California
Alexandria, Louisiana
Monroe, Louisiana
Eugene, Oregon
Baltimore, Maryland

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