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I have another mystery for you!

Last week, I thrifted a box of doll house kitchen furniture. There is an original shipping label on it from Sears, saying that the furniture cost $17.92 and the shipping was $0.39. There is no indication of a furniture brand or anything that I can find, though.

vintage doll house furniture

This is the set. It's painted wood, and includes a table, two chairs, a fridge with a top freezer (the freezer has a sort of wooden shelf in it as well), a unit with a sink and cupboards underneath, and a unit with a stove with electric burner stickers, an oven window sticker showing a pie baking, and a bottom drawer.

I forgot to get a picture of the box by itself, but you can sort of see it in this detail from a larger picture:

sears doll furniture box

So what do you think? Anybody recognize these pieces?


How cute! I have no idea how old these might be, although the writing on the box reminds me of the 70s a little bit.

I would have loved to play with this set as a child.

Sorry, I don't know much about the set or age, the box does look like 70's. But what a find! Very cute.

I know I'm all grown up, but how I would love to have little furniture. It's so sweet. Have a wonderful day..

If that furniture had a skull or two on it, it'd be improved immensely.

As is, it's still pretty neat.

It reminds me of my childhood in the early 1970s. You could have so much fun furnishing your little set with Re-ment accessories and a little Blythe doll.


I love your kitchen set doll furniture. You might try checking out some old Sears catalogues.

You found a delightful treasure! You might try serching it on eBay--try--toys and collectiables:kitchen sets:Sears.
Blessings to you!
Claudia O.

I found a wonderful fashion doll kitchen center complete with ox also from Sears. It looks typical 70's decor amd is missing some of the small items but I think it wold be perfect for a collector who wanted to display their dolls. Does anyone have any idea if it is worth anything or if it is just junk?

My family received one of those as a gift in the early 80's, which doesn't necessarily guarantee that they were manufactured then as my relatives tend to be thrift store shoppers anyway. I was born in 1978 and remember getting the gift, though not what year it happened in. Ours is the apple one and my mom still has it -- I covet it!

Wow, I have a dollhouse with this exact kitchen furniture! My grandfather made the dollhouse in his "workshop" and my grandmother decorated it. The kitchen set I have is not marked with any brand, but my grandmother worked for sears so it makes sense that the stuff came from there (the carpet in the dollhouse is marked as Sears, it's the little sample squares used in store displays, in wonderful brown and gold shag and royal blue sculpted). My dollhouse was made around 1978. I came across this site looking for furniture to replace some stuff that didn't make it through my childhood so my children can enjoy the house.

I have this kitchen set too! I got it for Christmas from my grandmother mid 1980's. I remember choosing it along with the living room set out of the Sears Christmas Wish book. I wish I could find more from this series as I need a few more pieces. I know they carried them for a couple of years because the following year I asked for the bedroom and bath set. I also notice that most comments were left in 2008, so this may never reach you lol.

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NaBloPoMo #20: Vintage Thingies Thursday


First, an announcement: Vintage Thingies Thursday has a new home, at the blog of Coloradolady! Thanks for hosting, Coloradolady!

Now, what I have for you today:

wooden box outside

I picked up this inlaid wooden box (which is, for some reason, very difficult to photograph) at the bins. It's small--about the size of a pack of cigarettes, or a bit wider--and I originally thought it was a really cool old cigarette case. When I opened it, however:

wooden box inside

I found the inside was blue velvet, with a small indentation, as if something should rest there. The first thing that came to my mind was a monacle, as it's about that size and shape, but really, a monacle box? I didn't think much on it, though, as I was very interested by the objects I found inside.

wooden box inside 2

There are two stamps, one American, one Danish. I did a Google search, but couldn't find either of them. I found some 5 cent stamps with Washington on them from the 60s, but they are different than this one. Any stamp folks out there who can help me?

The really crazy thing, though, is the tiny locket. You can't see it very well, due to my poor photography, but it contains two very old looking pictures, one of a man, one of a woman. If my history is right (and honestly, who knows?), the pictures are late 19th century.

What do you think? Any ideas on the origins or timeline of this strange box and its contents?

Editing to add: Thanks to a tip from Coloradolady, if found the US stamp--turns out it is this one, which was made from 1916-1922!


I have no idea on the time set of these great items...but my imagination can run wild....I can just imagine a young couple in love, the young lady wearing this sweet locket her love gave her....and she kept the stamps from love a special box. *SIGHS*
I can not imagine parting with this at all. Lucky you. I love it. The locket especially.

I did a search on ebay, this seller looks to have the same stamps. you might want to search his listings. Maybe he knows something about the stamps, and maybe you can see which ones look more like yours.

I would guess it was for a pocketwatch? Just a guess tho.

I also would say pocket watch
case. Jewelry/watch cases
were lined in velvet and nice fabrics years ago.
Also the locket might be the fob to the watch. The locket has a heavy clasp which is similar to most watch fobs, I've seen. Jewelgirl

That's amazing, I love mysterious finds like this... I was coming here to say pocketwatch, but Jenny B beat me to it!

Thanks, I used to work in the
jewelry trade, and I still
love jewelry of all kinds..
Heres my other blog if you
missed it Jewelgirl Loves

It looks like it once housed maybe a bracelet?

I would also vote for a pocketwatch. And how intrigueing, those pictures!! You can make up whole stories about those people, and how it all came in that box and ended up in the bins.


Ooh, I second Christine's suggestion. If you ever need writing ideas, just pick something that you found at the bins and write a story about how it got there!

What an interesting "mystery"! The box itself is very pretty too...let us know about the stamps, please.

Wow - a vintage treasure hunt! What a romantic notion!

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NaBloPoMo #13: Vintage Thingies Thursday


trimaway diet scale, 1965

This is one of those things that I just couldn't not buy, even though I have absolutely no use for it. A new-in-box 1965 Pelouze Trimaway Diet Scale Kit. It includes an information booklet ("the complete precise dietary control guide for those who have a trim look in mind"), a small, not-very-accurate scale, a plastic measuring cup, and a plastic bowl in 60's neon orange.

Who weighed their food in 1965? I thought that horror was a recent invention? To those VTT who were alive then, do you remember anything like this being popular, or is this thing unusual?

For more VTT fun, see the Apron Queen!


That's the kind of random thing I always HAVE to buy too. And I think people have always been crazy about their weight. We just actually have reason to be since we're all fat now... LOL

I was born in 1950, but I don't remember anything like this. Everybody was always trying to fatten me up back in the sixties. Those were the days. Now, I could use this kit. The market is flooded with weight loss products now, but I think what you have there might be rather rare.

I suppose a lot of women back then were still wearing corsets and trying to achieve the tiny waist Dior invented with his New Look in the late '50s, so I can imagine the scale and trying to be slender goes with that. But it's a really fun item, perhaps it will be worth something someday (or perhaps already is!).


I totally need that! I don't want it, but I definitely need it! lol. I do have a slim look in mind ... Some of the older weight loss stuff is funny. There have always been diet fads from sitting in hot springs to slapping your fat. Some of the old ones are a hoot. You should see this old Weight Watchers cookbook I thumbed through in a thrift store once - basically, if you didn't like Jello, there was nothing for you to eat in this book! lol.

I think Christine is right, I think a lot of women were transitioning out of corsets about that time. I remember my mom still wore one then.

I remember my grandma had one of these when she was on weight watchers. this looks really well taken care of , love that it had the box.

It IS horrible to weigh your food...but I guess it's better than weighing myself! :) Great interesting find.

Women definitely dieted in 1965-it was the age of Twiggy! Many women wore girdles-think tummy control pantyhose except the stockings were separate.I think this diet set was actually a healthful one for a balanced diet rather than a fad diet-I bet the grapefruit diet was from about this time.

How quaint...i don't remember them, probably coz i was only a kid then & didn't have a weight problem ahahaha!!

Oooh they are lovely!!

Ooooooh, this is weight loss
kitsch at its best!!!! Yes
the weight loss thingie has
been going on forever! Great
complete set with box!

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NaBloPoMo #6: Vintage Thingies Thursday


In celebration of the first meet-up on this blog of two favorites, NaBloPoMo and Vintage Thingies Thursday, I have a good one today!

Mom as a suffragette

The photo you see here is of my lovely mama, dressed in her Halloween costume for this year. Is that not the coolest costume ever? I adore that my mom still dresses up. This costume, in particular, was inspired by the school bond initiative they were trying to pass at the school where Mom works. And it passed by a SEVEN vote margin! How's that for your vote counting?


Mom didn't dress up to get out the vote alone! This picture shows her co-conspirators (a good family friend on her right and my aunt Joan on her left) and the other side of their signs.

Clearly these costumes are meant to represent something vintage, but that's not why I am showing them to you today. There IS something vintage in them (besides, of course, the lovely ladies themselves). What is it? Guess in the comments and I'll update later and tell you!

Update: If you want to know what the vintage item is, it's after the break!

The vintage item is my mom's hat! It came along, with about a dozen others, from the home of my grandmother's mother. None of the hats were dated, but the one mom is wearing in this picture is probably from the late 20s or early 30s--so it's about a decade "young" for the costume, but still definitely vintage!


What a cute post. Love the costume. You mom looks like a lot of fun.


Your mom is so awesome! I love this idea, especially before the big election!

I adore your mom too. How much fun would it be to dress as a group of suffragettes?

Is the design of the banners the vintage thing?

Looks like they had a great time too!

It's the HAT???? And I thought you were calling your mom vintage! LOL

What priceless the hat :)

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Vintage Thingies Thursday: Carter match book


I am sick in bed and nearly missed Vintage Thingies Thursday! Glad I remembered in time, as I have something especially appropriate for this particular pre-election Thursday:

carter match book

carter match book back

This Jimmy Carter match book was given to me by a co-worker, who found it while cleaning out his 90 year old mom's house. I'm not sure if it's from the 1976 or 1980 election cycle, but my suspicion, given that it doesn't say "re-elect," is that it's from '76.

Make it a Democratic year. Indeed. Don't forget to vote!


Hope you feel better; great post thanks.

Pretty cool piece of memoriabilia.

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Vintage Thingies Thursday: Royal Dove Perfume Bottle


Today's VTT find is a new one--I just thrifted it at the bins on Tuesday evening (for the low bargain price of $0.39). It was in a bin with a bunch of empty modern perfume bottles (Clinque's Happy and Elizabeth Arden's Red Door were among them), as well as a few vintage bottles in less great condition.

dove perfume bottle

It's an empty bottle, once containing Avon's Delagar Royal Dove perfume. The sticker on the bottom says that it was made in New York in 1960. There is still a faint perfume smell (nothing I'd want to wear), but isn't the condition of the bottle amazing? It's clear glass at the bottom and the dove is frosted pink glass.

My plan for this is to carefully clean it out, then fill it with my essential oil blend, either for my own use or to give as a gift. The bottle is just too great to not be in use, especially given that it's nearly 50 years old.


You were so lucky to find that beautiful vintage perfume bottle.

Beautiful bottle. My mom used to sell Avon and has a collection of their perfume bottles.

I had this bottle of perfume when I was a kid - but the bird was blue. Very pretty!

That is really pretty and you're right, it needs to be used.

So sweet and pretty! Love these little treasures!

Great find, I like it! Check
Ebay too, these Avon bottles are highly collectable. If it's worth a nice amount I would sell it if I were you. :-)


Love the perfume bottle!
I love the pink color it would look great displayed,
so pretty and great price!

That is not a fifty year old bottle! I have one exactly the same from the eighties produced by Delagar Products of Rouses Point, New York, NOT by Avon. It is called Royall Doves. It was bought by me in a drug store, and still has some very pleasant cologne in it that I like and would wear, if I could find another.

i found one of these bottle with full bottle strong..not for me. whats it worth?

I have 2 of these bottles one is blue the other is purple. The purple one is a full bottle of perfume.

It wasn't the best smelling stuff when new and as it has aged time has done nothing for it. But the bottles are lovely!

I have two of these bottles, still full of perfume. The bottles are in excellent condition. I was happy to find info. on them. I didn't know it was Avon. The bottom says...Delagar Royal Dove. I love the bottles, valuable or not.

I have an owl soap dish that I kept from my Mothers things when she passed away last month. I kept it because she always had it at the sink. When I saw Delagar on the back, I decided to look it up. Thanks for posting your finds. Now I know it Avon. :)

I have that bottle, but the bird is purple and it still has perfume in it

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Vintage Thingies Thursday


This post is republished from last winter. I thought it would make an excellent addition to Vintage Thingies Thursday.

stub and hazelThis is probably my favorite photograph ever. It was taken in a photo booth in a train station one night around midnight, in 1945. In a world where the second great war in a generation had just ended and prosperity was beginning, the woman in the picture was 35 and just married. She's my grandmother, and in a few weeks she will be 98.

In my memory, she has always been old, but looking at her now, I can still clearly see the woman in this picture. Both her beauty and her will, her iron spine. I can see, in both the old woman I know and this young woman, how she came to make it almost all the way through college before the measles took her eye sight, how she grew up working the land, how she cooked in logging camps. How she raised three children to be fantastic people. How, a decade or so after this picture was taken, she moved her young family across several states, away from where they lived near a nuclear testing facility, because she didn't think it right to bring up children somewhere nothing would grow.

The man in the picture, her husband, died before I was born, but lives on in legend as a bare-knuckle boxer during the Depression and a teller of world-famous bullshit stories. I think I would have liked to know him.


Oh my goodness. I am just in awe of that picture. I can just imagine their characters; of course, you did a most excellent job "introducing" them.
When we only know someone as "old", it's quite interesting to look back at pictures and see the life they lived, what kind of men and women they were, what they're made of.
I just adore this post and those pictures! Thanks so much for sharing that.

That photo is gorgeous and compelling. Reminds me that I have some awesome old photos of my grandmother I should scan someday.

What a wonderful post. I'm glad you reposted it. This indeed was the greatest generation.

You are a fantastic story teller! I love how one small picture can evoke so much love. I admit I want to know more, especially about your bare-knuckle boxer and world famous bullshitter grandfather! (what a great description...sounds like my great-grandfather - I've been told he was a world-famous bullshitter too.) ;)

That photo is absolutely captivating. Makes me want to drag out my mother's old albums.

What a wonderful photo and a great story. Makes you wish you could jump in the photo, back to the time and have a look around. Loved this post.

That is an amazing and very compelling photo. What a beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing it.

THat's a beautiful photo!

What a great photo & what an amazing woman your grandmother was...I loved reading all about her :)

This is a remarkable photograph. I stumbled upon this (2 yrs after you posted it) -- and am quite taken by this couple. There seems to be a story there. They seem so real. I bet they really loved one another.

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Vintage Thingies Thursday


Vintage Thingies Thursday badge

Hello Vintage Thingies Thursday-ites! I missed you last week!

I actually have some new vintage finds that I need to get photographed so I can share them, but as I haven't gotten there yet, this week I'm going to share one of my first vintage thrift collections.

pie plates

What you see here (I think) is a set of early 1970s pie plates, with the recipes for the pies written on the plates themselves. This is actually only part of the set of these I've collected--I think there are 8 in all. Does anybody remember having these when they were new? I asked my mom, but they weren't familiar to her. I love the look of them, especially the cherry one. Plus I'm a big pie-maker, so they get occasional use.

I got the whole collection of these at the Goodwill, for I think around $2 each. They had very dusty plate hangers on them, so they had been on someone's wall. No decorative uses for me, though--PIE!


Oh my goodness! Yes, I remember my mom having one of those. I don't know where it is now...If I see any that you're missing in my shopping ventures :^), I'll get it and send it your way!

This is my first time participating and I already LOVE it! What fun! Thanks for coming to see me!

Very nice indeed. I love finding things like that. I am sitting out on VTT this week, I did not get my post done in timeā€¦.wanted to stop by and say hello.

This are neat pie plates! I hope you can find the other 4 =)

We had those, and I love them.

I'm drooling!

I saw some pans like this recently at a thrift store here, but I think they were a slightly newer version. I also just saw a new version at the chain grocery store I go to. Apparently I am being haunted by recipe-bottomed pie pans!

I remember those and I think I've still got a couple :)

yum--Pie is our family's favorite desert.

I know that this post is 4 years old, but I found it through a search engine for these plates! Two weeks ago, my mom gave me a cherry one that had been a wedding present to my parents 28 years ago, and the very next day I found an apple on at a thrift store. It is now my mission to find 2 more to put up in my kitchen. I haven't had any luck so far, though! :o(

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Vintage Thingies Thursdays


Vintage Thingies Thursday badge

Today I bring you another vintage thingie mystery.

Mosa Maastricht small plates

What you see here is a set of five tiny (2" square maybe) plates I picked up the Bins for I think $0.15 each. They are stamped on the back with "Mosa Maastricht Plateel." While I have been able to confirm that Mosa is a Dutch ceramics manufacturer (and they made some really cute stuff, check out the Wilma design on this page), I haven't been able to find out what year these plates are from, or even what they are intended for. The look more than anything like a children's tea party set.

So once again, I bring the question to Vintage Thingee Thursdays participants--what are these? Are they vintage, or are they just cute?


I am sorry I can't help you with any info on the little plates, but I do think they are very pretty. Have a goodday. Take care.

These are probably butter pat dishes.

My Dutch husband thinks you might not be too far off with them being from a children's tea set. He also said that Mosa split and the section that made the porcelain stuff went bankrupt a while back. I hope you can figure out what they really are, they're darling.

Not sure what they might be, but they're sweet. Everything tiny is endearing. Except bugs. Definitely not bugs.

These are so pretty - love the colours in the floral design!

They are delightful and I think they're definitely vintage :)

The little plates are cake plates. I have the complete set (10 plates and a big one).
I inhereted them from my parents. They married in 1953 and the plates must have been produced in the same time.
What a coincidence! Last month (in a second hand shop) I saw and bought a vegetable dish and 8 dinner plates! So they're now flaunting in my cupboard in the kitchen.
I'm trying to collect more (but I never see them).

regards, Nina (from Holland)

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Vintage Thingies Thursdays


Vintage Thingies Thursday badge

It's Vintage Thingies Thursday again, hosted by the Apron Queen!


Today I give you "Imported Novelty Angels." I have no idea how old these are--the box isn't dated--but they are old enough for "imported" to be a good thing. They are incredibly cute, hand-carved and hand-painted, and though the box is worn, the angels themselves are in great shape (most of them were wrapped in what I take to be original tissue paper when I got them). The angels are another Goodwill find, and I believe they were $0.99. I actually bought them a couple of years ago and they have been hanging around amusing me since then.

If you have any idea what these are or from when, please leave a comment, I'd love to know!


very cute angels. I love goodwill finds. They are the best. I seem to remember my mom having something similar to these angels, but they were santa's and they dated back to the early 60's. Love your angels.

LOL they are great!!! I have never seen those before.

How cool


At Goodwill? Really? Great find!

The little angels are adorable. I don't remember ever seeing any like them before. I enjoy shopping at thrift stores, too. You can find treasures if you persevere.

What does it say on the left side of the box? I couldn't make it out on the Flickr picture. Something with NY? Try googling that and the number below it. Something may turn up. They really are a cute set of angels and what a bargain. :)

I heart them! :)

I would guess that they may be German, but it's just a guess. Maybe Swedish? I love vintage Christmas ornaments, and I really love the colors on those.

I have no idea what they are but they are so sweet. I cannot believe you picked them up for only .99 cents. What a steal.

I just happened upon your blog and these little angels. I remember them from my childhood. They are inspired by Danish or Swedish wooden figures and we had a few of these in the early sixties. I recall my parents coming home from a trip to the Netherlands with several similar dolls and ornaments but they weren't totally painted. These, I believe, were copies that were sold in places like the Akron (now defunct but similar to Pier 1). I had these, too, and loved them! Great find ... enjoy and bring them out every holiday.

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Vintage Thingies Thursdays


The Apron Queen has a great meme called "Vintage Thingies Thursdays." Since I just thrifted some awesome vintage stuff, I thought I'd participate this week. I'm only going to show you one of my finds, in the hopes that I can use the others in future weeks:

pencil by number set

This is a Transogram Great Moments in American History pencil-by-number set, complete and still wrapped in plastic. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online, so I'm not sure what year it is from, but it looks like Transogram stopped operating in the early 1970s, so I'm thinking maybe mid-late 60s? Anyway, it is very cool. I'm tempted to rip it open to see the pencil-by-numbers inside, but have so far resisted. I got it for $.50 at the bins.


What a great little find! And super restraint at not ripping it open :)

I loved pencil by number and paint by number when I was a kid-thank you for sharing that.

That is SO cool! I had the paint by numbers set when I was little :-)

What a super thing to own! I love it...

That is the coolest thing ever! I can't believe you haven't opened it yet. Drink the kool-aid and open it! You know you want to! Then come share what was inside. :)

BEFORE you go ahead and open it, maybe you should do a little research and make sure that its not actually worth anything. Sometimes old junk like this, including old toys that you find in the original packaging, can be worth a little bit of money. Maybe not much, but it could be more than the $.50 you paid for it, especially to a collector or a museum.

Oh!!! Original package for
50 cents! Don't open it, it
is a great find! I can't wait
to see next weeks entry!
Welcome to VTT!

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