Little Black Box Giveaway


For months now, I've been telling you all about my love for The Little Black Box. I reviewed it in February, March, April, May, and June. I got the July and August boxes as well, but didn't have time to review them, though I did give away a deluxe edition in June. I love these things.

And I think you'll love them too. So, this month I'm teaming up with the wonderful Kimberlee, the brilliant lady behind LBB, to give one lucky reader a September box all her own. Here's how you enter:

1. To get one entry, go over to the LBB site and look at the list of businesses participating in this month's box, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which business you'd be most excited about receiving a sample from.

2. To get additional entries, blog on your own blog, or Tweet, or Facebook, about this month's LBB and leave me a comment letting me know you did so. As a bonus, Kimberlee is running a contest this month--whomever refers the most LBB customers gets a $25 gift card!

Finally, if you yourself are a small indie business owner who thinks her products might fit into the LBB, please contact Kimberlee! I'd love to see my friends' stuff in my future boxes!

This contest closes in one week, at 9AM on Monday, September 28, so enter right away!


Did you actually get your box yet? Is that a soap holder made out of a fork? Genius. It would be worth buying the box knowing that at least one item was super cool (IMO). :)

I actually checked out that business' website yesterday after your Facebook post (oddly, you have to click through from the artist's blog to get to the Etsy store).

I have a soap holder left over from last month. I can make sure that it finds it's way into the box for the giveaway if you send me an email to remind me Grace!

Stitch. Knit. Sew!

I'm with Jenny--Stitch. Knit. Sew.

I can't decide, but either Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Lavendar Creations or Stitch.Knit.Sew. I desperately want all of it though - what a fun item to receive in the mail!

I would really love the tea! I'm quite certain, however, that my daughter would love all the scented bath stuff and anything from Just Wright. Also, I have to agree with the above posters that the fork soap holder is very cool indeed.

It's a toss-up between McFlashpants (how cool is that?!) and Mrs. Tattooed Geek. Both would be awesome little gifties to play with.

It's a toss up for me between 3 Little Monkeys and Fyrestorm Creations for me!

My fav is Homespun Productions. Those look good enough to eat!

Oh, wow! Hard decision, they're all awesome and fun. I think I'd have to go with Orglamix. New make-up is always fun!

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