November Divalicious and Little Black Box


I'm so behind on these reviews! I got both the Little Black Box and the Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box for November and didn't tell you about either of them! I apologize! Let me rectify that.

Both boxes arrived quickly. I've been extremely happy with the shipping time from both of these companies every time I've ordered. The Divalicious box takes a bit longer, coming from Canada, but it's always here in a very reasonable interval.

The Holiday Divalicious box, which cost $25 Candian, including S&H, contained:

  • A cute Christmas gift tag from Papertivity. Not really something I'll use, as I don't wrap gifts in paper much, but still very nice.

  • A really nice blank card from A Flair for Paper, which I will definitely use.

  • A blank card from Lindy Gruger Hansen. Not my style, but nice.

  • A sample Cleansing Sugar Cube from Vixen & Venus. I don't love the scent (Strawberries & Champagne), but I've wanted to try these, so that one's a win.

  • A bag of bath tea in "Satin Sheets" from Zhi Bath & Body. Smells truly awful. So bad that I threw it away rather than even considering re-gifting it.

  • A bag of very nice smelling Spiced Cranberry bath salts from Kootenay Bath Products. I used these already and they were wonderful. I will definitely consider buying from this company.

  • A small bottle of nice white tea lavender lotion from Birdy Botanicals. Nice scent, good sized sample. I'd probably try something else from this company was well.

  • Also from Birdy Botanicals, a good sized sample of Anti-Aging Facial Serum. I'll have to see how their stuff works, but based on scent and packaging, I'm totally a convert to this company.

  • A mango soap slice sample from Sanibel Skincare. Not fond of the scent, or the fact it has rice bran in it (WTF?).

  • A very strange Cup of Cocoa wax melt from Country Home Scents. It seems to have real marshmallows on it. And I don't have a burner. Re-gift.

  • An espresso flavored lip balm from Natural Fix Cosmetics. Smells really good. I'll use this.

  • A couple of tasty gingerbread scented tea lights from Crystal Lights. Burned these already and they were lovely. Great holiday smell.

  • A very nicely packaged geranium guest soap from Cupertino Soap Company. Not a smell I enjoy, but it's a nice soap. I'll re-gift.

  • An awesome smelling bath tea bag from Luken Girls Botanicals. Definitely will use this.

  • A really cutely packaged (in a little blue and white box) pair of guest soaps from Smelly Monkey Soap. One is lemon verbena, one is rosemary orange. These are GREAT. Fantastic packaging and a great product.

  • A little wax tart that seems to be disintegrating from Jennuine Candles. Didn't hold up well at all.

  • Two very small samples of Winter Grapefruit soap from Lost River Rags & Candle Lights. These smell great, but the samples are too small. Really kinda cheap seeming.

  • A lovely pair of red Czech glass earrings, packaged well in a little jewelry box and tied with a ribbon, with no indication where they're from. Totally giftable.

  • A pair of pewter earrings I don't much care for from Zerbena Boutique. They're just kinda ugly.

  • A little green glass beaded key chain or cell phone charm from Susan Kay Designs. It's pretty, but I don't know what I'd use it for. Giftable, maybe?

  • A cute little copper swirl ring from a.w.e Jewelry. Too small for me, but cute. Giftable, for sure.

  • Some really nice smelling small solid lotion bars in Cocoa Sandalwood and Orange Vanilla Cream from Paradise Potpourri. I think I'm more likely to use these as bath melts than lotion bars, but they smell great.

  • A generously sized and awesome smelling Spicy Pumpkin Pie soap sample from Juicy Bath. This is going in my shower, and I'm picky about pumpkin scents.

  • A full size blueberry mineral lip balm from The Mineral Owl. I haven't opened it yet (it's wrapped), because I think I want to use it a stocking stuffer, but great labeling and a full sized product, so that's awesome.

  • A raspberry lip balm from Mountain Sky Soap. Again, I didn't open it, but it's full size and has a good label. They included a brochure, too, and it looks like a cool company.

  • A little magnet made from a bottle cap from Scaredy Cat Primitives. This is kinda hokey.

Not a bad haul, huh? This box seemed particularly strong on soap, which I don't think you can ever have enough of, and included at least two companies I plan to check out further, so it was definitely worth while.

The Little Black Box was also excellent in November! It was $17 including S&H and contained:

  • A sample of lotion in Dragonfly Dance from Gaea Blessings. I can't quite describe the scent--pleasantly herbal hippy?--but the lotion has good, natural ingredients. I'll use it.

  • A green and pink polka dot bird applique patch from Designs by Vanessa. Not something I'll use, but completely cute--I'll pass it on to someone who'll love it.

  • From Just Right Candle Co., a Sun-Ripened Raspberry air freshener. I don't like that this is just a rectangle printed with their logo--seems a bit like they'd be asking me to advertise for them--but I do like the smell. I may hang this in my closet.

  • Packaged really excellently inside a Christmas cracker, an adorable fabric-covered hair clip from Flying Frog Apparel. Way too small to hold my head of hair, but I'll definitely pass this along to one of the little girls I know.

  • From Gems by Jerri, a really nice pair of fancy jasper earrings, which I know my mom will love, packaged up nicely with a little rhinestone-encrusted clothespin fridge magnet. Nice.

  • A little Scrabble tile magnet from Playing With Fiber. Not something I'm terribly excited about.

  • From Sassy Soaps N Such, a small bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (and I'm a fan of those even if you do insist on labeling them "reindeer poop") and a Christmas tree shaped spruce-scented guest soap.

  • A sample of mineral eyeshadow in Glitz, from Mixology Makeup. Glitz is apparently an all-over shimmer, so I may try it as a top coat. The website is intriguing, too, if a bit overwhelming.

  • From 3 Little Monkeys, another little ribbon hair clip. This one isn't quite as nice as the other one in the box, but the little girl I have in mind will love it all the same.

  • A set of three red-and-green Christmas decorated clothespins from QueenVanna Creations. They're nicely made, but what would you use them for?

  • Nicely packaged in a little paper bag, a sample of Luscious Lemon Cake soap from SV Soaps. I'm not crazy about this particular scent, but it's a nice looking and feeling soap.

  • From SBS Teas, a little red organza bag containing a sample bag of blueberry cream tea (ew), a flowering green tea (yay!), and a piece of Toblerone (I already ate it).

  • A sample of peppermint tea tree dog soap from Lucky Dog Treat Company. With Ata's size and amount of hair, washing him with bar soap just doesn't work, but this is still a cool product.

  • From Lathered Up, a good sized sample tub of Mango Butter. This is good stuff, even though I'm not 100% on the mango fragrance.

  • A very nice smelling and decently sized soap sample from Angelic Soap & Gifts. The packaging on this one is nice, too--it's wrapped in purple tissue paper and inside a little purple gift bag. Unfortunately, the scent isn't labeled. It's got a great cinnamon smell. After looking at their website, I'm definitely interested in buying from this company. Their soaps look fantastic, and they are buy two, get one free!

  • From Whiff & Sniff Candles, a Harvest Delight melt. There is something about this scent I really don't like. Like, it almost turns my stomach. I think it's just me, though. I'll pass it along.

  • From Barb's Homemade Soap, a really cute little Shea Loves Me Orange lip balm. Smells fantastic. I'll use this. Like soap, there is never too much lip balm.

  • A pair of really gorgeous simple black glass ball earrings from Brilliance Found. These are gorgeous and simple and elegant. I'll definitely wear them.

Again, a wonderful haul. I feel like both boxes outdid themselves this month. In fact, I was so impressed that I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered a 2010 Little Black Box subscription. That's right, I'm getting one every month! I'm so excited.


Thanks for the review Grace!

Do you think you could add in a photo when you do the review? Just to give a general idea of what it all looks like together? Doing a photo of each product would be crazy making, but I think it will give me a better idea of what they're like to see everything.

The Divalicious box has become my favorite.

This was my first time participating in the Divalicious Sample Box. It's great to hear responses from the receivers of the boxes. I love feedback of any kind because I always learn from it. Just a note that at Birdy Botanicals all of my products are always 100% guaranteed and I do sell a mini face serum (2-4 week supply) so you can try it without too much investment. Thanks again for the review. I am going to subscribe to your blog because you seem to have a very honest no B.S. point of view. Have a great holiday!

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