Eden Fantasys Kissa glass vibrator giveaway!


In my quest to find some swag at BlogHer that I could give away here at WINOW, that would speak to my audience and allow much happiness in the readership, what could be better than a nice vibrator? In specific, I have FIVE Eden Fantasys Kissa glass vibrators to give away, courtesy of the swag recycle room (no idea where they came from--a party swag bag, I would assume). They are, obviously packaged and unopened.

So, gentle readers, leave me a comment if you would like to win one of these lovely vibes. If you are too chicken to comment, you can email me for an entry as well. I'll leave this open for about a week, until next Monday morning.

For an additional entry, lead someone new to my blog and tell me you did it. They don't have to stay (though, of course, I'd love it if they did), just come and look around.



Grace, it would be so awesome to get one of these!

I'll be honest, the idea of a glass vibrator kinda freaks me out, but I have heard so many good things about them that I think I'd like to take the plunge and try one. I adore that it was in a gift bag. I'm going to be pondering what event that was for the rest of the day!

Come on... can you imagine Richard's face when I say "Oh--it's from Grace!"

Oh, yes please!

Also, I'm sending over my Sporkilicious friends. She's made of wood.

I obviously go to the wrong events as I have never come home with new toys quite like this one. It'd be the perfect pick me up while the spouse is out of town.

because of COURSE I have to enter for one of these.

Squeeee! me me me!

Ooooh, I would love one! *dance*

I'd like one, Grace.

Well, duh.

Bashfully yes I'd like one. I am not a major prude but I am a niqabi (muslim that wears head and face covering along with an over garment) I get stared a constantly in my nice but monocromatic town so if they only knew I was in a sexy tank and mini skirt and a vibrator in my purse........lol

Vibrators as swag? I may start a blog just so I can go next year. :)

This is perfect for me. Pick me I get married next month!

OMG WANT!!!!!!

Oh my! I think I need one of these!

Me me, and I was linked by Scribe so you know, extra points for her.


Every girl on the brink of divorce needs a new friend in the bedroom. Hook a bitch up!

As I see it there is no way to not enter this drawing. Who *doesn't* want to receive a random glass phallus in the mail?

Wow, that looks like fun and I've never tried a glass vibrator, so count me in on the giveaway!

Look at all the comments! I guess you should give away sex toys more often. :P

And I sent my friend davi over here.

AND? The vibe is named after my cat, which is awesome on so many levels.

Oh my, that looks....nice! I'm sooo in.

Might as well throw my raffle card in the pot as well! That looks very intriguing. I didn't know that swag could be so delightful. 0_0

did someone actually give out full-sized vibrators instead of those ridiculous little "kiss you lightly" ones from the previous two years?

Totally in for this.

Sign me up! If my marriage goes to shit, I can still have fun. And it's purdy!

I could have such fun with this.

I totally use Eden's Fantasies as a website example in some of my lectures! And thus I will enter.

Cracks me up that you found FIVE of them in the swap room.

I sent a friend over!

Oh my, that's pretty!

HAI! Put me in! You're awesome doing this, thanks!

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Seriously, I've been single for sooooooo long.

a very quiet entry. ;)

I would like to win! =)

Count this as my entry, would love to score one for my girl for when I'm at work!

You're giving away all 5? Aren't you going to review one yourself? ;)

(I'd still like to win one)

I totally want one! They look awesome.


Okay, I'm obviously at the wrong conventions.
I'll trade you a roads department mini mag light! :)

Pick me, pick me!! There has been no sex in my life for well over a year now and I do not have the time or money to shop for toys. It will probably cure my disease, I just need a sexual release. I would give you full credit of course, and you can be published in all the medical journals!

Sign me up!

I think it's awesome that you're giving away our Kissas! I responded to your email. :)

P.S. This is not an entry comment. As you can imagine, working for Eden Fantasys gives me plenty of access to Kissas and other toys! ;)

Dang. Nice find! ;)

Of course I would love one! :) Consider this my entry.

I would love to win one! Oh that would be so lovely. I've been lusting over the Kissa for quite a while now.

I would love to try a Kissa. Awesome giveaway! :)

buzzvibe at gmail dot com

I would like one =)

of course i'm in!

i've gotten rid of almost all my toys since becoming a mom. since i don't have time to cruise good vibrations anymore, i'd love to win it!

Berry stole mine, I need one badly.

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