Birchbox review and giveaway!


A week or so ago, my friend Jenny turned me on to the Birchbox. Birchbox is simple and brilliant--for $10/month, they send you a box of beauty/makeup samples. High end, good sized samples. Could that be any more up my alley?

So I contacted the good folks at Birchbox, and they were kind enough to send me a September box to review, and host a give-away of two of the October boxes for you all! Score!

My Birchbox arrived today, and I have to tell you all, it was everything I expected and more.

The outside of the box is lovely, classy and simple.
closed box.jpg

Opening it up, I was greeted with a nice note from the company, introducing me to the month's theme, the "clean slate" of back to school. The reverse of the card gave me all the specs for the products included in this month's box.
open box.jpg

Under the postcard, I found the products very nicely wrapped.
inside the box.jpg

And after I removed the wrappings, I got to see my treats!
box contents.jpg

The box contained:

  1. A very good sized (4 gram) sample of Cargo bronzer.

  2. A regular perfume-sample sized sample of Marc Jacobs Lola perfume.

  3. A great sized sample (.29 oz) of NARS makeup primer.

  4. A 3-sheet sample package of Tatcha blotting papers.

  5. A one-use collagen mask sheet from The Face Shop.

I am really excited about these products. They are all high end, and they're all large enough samples to actually be useful. None of them are things I've used before, though Cargo and NARS are both companies I like. The blotting papers are of particular interest to me, since I've been trying to find some blotting papers that I don't hate. I'll be interested to see if they work for me.

Cost analysis on this box is good, too. By my calculations (based on the cost of the regular sizes), the products are worth:
Cargo bronzer: $12.72
Marc Jacobs perfume: $3.13
NARS primer: $5.63
Tatcha blotting papers: $1.20
The Face Shop mask: $1.50
Total: $24.18

I am stunned. The products themselves are worth more than twice the cost of the box--and that's without the added awesomeness of getting to try new products, having them arrive as a surprise, the lovely packaging, etc. Definitely a good value.

So here's the best part, for y'all: I have TWO of these to give away for October. They're available for US readers only (sorry!), and you can enter as many times as you want. Here's what you need to do:
1. Leave me one comment telling me what kind of products you'd love to see in your Birchbox.
2. Leave me more comments telling me you sent someone to my blog, added it to your reader, or Tweeted or FB'd this post. One comment for each thing you do.

That's it! I'll draw winners a week from today. Good luck!


me! me! ;)
I would *love* to try some heavier face moisturizers since cold weather is coming. Also, lip balms/treatments.

You know I love me some makeup. I'm dragging the girl into femmeland.

I am a total sample box fanatic. I'm so excited that you found another one. I would love to win one. :)

I love beauty products, will probably have to sign up for this!

Wow! What an awesome array of products! I'd love to see some eye cream in there--I'm always looking for something new to use.

FB'd your blog post!

I would love a sample eyeliner. All mine are gross and ancient and I don't know what's considered the new hotness anymore.

Ok I would like to try some samples of mousse blush or foundation, new eye shadow colors, and eye creams

Also will be posting a link on my Facebook!

Wow!! I'd love to try eyeliners and mascara (I am always looking for options that don't leave my eyes feeling tired) in a Birchbox. What a great idea!

I already signed up for this due to your eeeevil influence and should be receiving the October box. It's my anniversary present.

I'd love concealer samples, because I still haven't found one that works just right, and you use so little anyway that a sample can last a long time.

I want lipsticka & eyeshadows. And non-sucky mascara as nothing works for me.

I hate all things foundation.

also, i fb'd this!

I have a teen who LOVES makeup - she's going to be a makeup artist someday.

I like perfume samples...but I'm getting to the age where I might need some stuff for wrinkles ;)


Some facial cleaner, some nice blush or lip tint...

I think Poppy Buxom did a good review of blotting papers this summer. I'll look it up and send a link.

I'd like to see more lipstick or eyeproducts--mascara or creams.

Also, I Tweeted about this--mine is marthaburzynk

You're in my reader

Um, some sort of cleanser, I guess, since I don't really use makeup too much...

I'd love to see high end stuff for sensitive skin, and make up, or the perfect red lip. Oh, yes, I would!

Also did a facebook blurb.

I'd love some under eye cream samples. I have this one dry patch that never ever goes away, and I need help!

Also, lip gloss. Yum.

I would love to try moisturizers and cleansers. And any kind of lip product.

I did a Facebook post, too.

And reading the comments, I have to second MrsR's wish for eye cream samples. That stuff's expensive if you're trying and experimenting, and I'm at the point where I think I need some because there are definitely lines developing.

I always like to try new eyeshadows. Also nice smelling creams. What a great giveaway!

I want one! I'd want moisturizer since I have problem dry skin and good ultra pale concealer for the red blotchy bits on my face - most concealers are too dark for the pasty white skin I otherwise sport.

I would love to see mascara or eyeliner samples.

Eye cream definitely. I would also like to see lip color because I find that I just don't like a lot of lipsticks or lip gloss out there.

linked you on my facebook, bb!

I really need something to perk up my face. It has a sad. I've become too tan over the summer and none of my old make up works any more. I needed the Vitamin D, but cannot afford a new palette so I'd love to win something that will help!

i would love to see a couple of winter themed eye shadows, since i am unlikely to purchase eye shadow without trying it first.

linked you on my twitter!

I shared on fb too. :)

I would pretty much love anything! I'm so behind the times when it comes to beauty products because I never feel as though I should spend money on it. Ugh. Anyway, samples are a great way to push me toward buying and I desperately need a nudge.

I'm putting this up on FB too!

Ooh! How cool! I would love to see moisturizer samples. I suffer from dry skin, but I hate the feel of moisturizer, so I am always on a quest to find the perfect moisturizer that hydrates, doesn't clog my skin, and feels good.

I'd love to see perfume and moisturizer samples, but really I love trying new products so anything that comes out of that box would be fun!

I'd like to see pigment eye shadows, and make up primers, and eye liners of every kind, color, and variety.

I would love to see some eyeliner or lipstick in a box!

I facebooked this post, but I kinda wish I hadn't, because I want to win! LOL. I'd love to try more lip products and cleansers/toners/masks.

I would love to see eyeshadows, eyeliners, wax strips, and various powders. Makeup is so much fun to play with.

I Facebooked this post, too, but I'm with Sunny -- I almost wish I hadn't because *I* want to win.

I think Birchbox is a such a great idea! :) I have been wanting to try any Kiels products, since I have heard such great things about them. Specifically, I would love to try the Keil's blue herbal moisturizer!

meeemeemeeme! I've not won one of your contests yet!

I Facebooked this contest. ;)

And, right after I Facebooked it, my friend bought a subscription. Can't wait to see what she gets each month. :)

I'd love to see perfume and lipstick samples! :)

Added you to my reader.

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