October Birchbox Review


After I reviewed September's Birchbox, I immediately ordered the October box for myself. After looking through my October box, I ponied up for a whole year's subscription (you get a one month discount--$110 rather than $120). For my $10/month, this is a great product.

Once again, the outer packaging was superb, making me feel like I was opening a gift, rather than receiving samples. The October theme is "Dress Up," so the products all fall loosely into that category.

october birchbox theme.jpg

The inner packaging was also lovely, with the small samples all tied up with a ribbon.

inside october box.jpg

As for the treats themselves, they're just as great as last month!

october box contents.jpg

Box contents:

With the exception of the sleep drink, which kinda skeeves me out (though there isn't anything scary in it--just water, malic acid, lavender, extract, natural flavors, and salt), this is again all stuff I'll use. The nail polish remover pads are actually already gone--they worked and didn't stink! And I really like the lip gloss.

Last month, I was super impressed to receive $24.18 worth of products for $10. So let's do the the cost analysis again, shall we? Again, calculations are based on the full size products:

reBloom sleep drink: $3.99
Oribe shampoo and conditioner: $2.00 (shampoo) and $2.64 (conditioner)
deborah lippmann nail polish remover finger mitts: $3.33
Perricone MD Cold Plasma: $3.75
laura mercier lip glace: $13.83
Total: $29.54

Another great value! The laura mercier gloss alone is worth the box's purchase price. Way to go, Birchbox!

Edit: So my math was flawed: the Perricone MD sample? Actually $37.50 value! Which makes this box an UNREAL value!


I came upon this post while I was searching for Birchbox reviews. I receive Shape magazine and there was an article about Birchbox and I wanted to find reviews before I signed up. Do they automatically deduct the money from your credit card each month or can you select if you want a certain month or not?

I just got my first Birch Box I wasn't thrilled. I didn't get anything that I couldn't get at Sephora for free. I'm going to give it one more month.

I just signed up for birchbox after reading reviews...I think this is a great value compared to sephora...I feel like I always get tricked by sephora into ordering things JUST so I can get sample deals they offer...which even with one order, you would have to pay $5.95 for shipping PLUS what your order which only a few sale items are less than $4 to keep under the $10 birchbox price level... ..also some of the "deluxe" ones require minimum purchases...also, it takes $100 to spend to get ONE sample...and $500 to spend to get a shitty sample gift, that is usually sort of meh... I think for the $10 this blows anything sephora/ulta out of the water... thanks for your review on the products... cant wait to get mine!!!!

I love Birchbox. I think it is such a great deal for only $10 a month (I signed up for the yearly plan so it's only $9 a month) and that includes postage! That's what I couldn't believe! In my June Box I got a full sized Laura Geller Baked Blush and Brighten bronzer (but it's lighter than your typical bronzer), a sample of Kate Spade Twirl, which I loved, Archipelago Pomegranate guest soap , which I put in my bathroom and have had positive feedback on, Two Deborah Lippman Stripper to Go mitts, which my daughter loves (one pack takes off all ten nails' polish, and the packettes are great for travel) and a spritzer of Sircuit Molecular mist, which I love to spritz on before my moisturizer - it makes my moisturizer go further. It all comes in a sweet little box and has everything wrapped in tissue and tied with a bow. As said aboce, I felt as if I was opening a surprise gift!

I am so glad I signed up for a year and am thinking of signing on my daughter as well. For what this costs, it is worth $9 a month to get a surprise in the mail every month!

I have been looking at a variety of sites reading Birchbox reviews trying to decide if I want to get it, and saw Billie's comment word for word on another website posted under the name Wheatwife. Smells like Birchbox stumping their own product, which makes me nervous about subscribing - if they're going to plant positive comments, why aren't they at least smart enough to make them different?

It doesn't surprise me that you found Birchbox stuffing other sites with great feedback. After receiving the october box where I got just a few sample size products, I was informed that I could not cancel or be refunded, but they would send it to another address if I chose. I imagine it would be to one of them , and they would get good, full sized products, not the skimpy little things I got.

Moral of the story: be very sweet to whomever you talk with, you'll get better stuff.

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