Mary Kay makeup review and giveaway!


When I was a kid, I divided makeup into three categories. Teeny bopper makeup, teenager makeup, and adult makeup. Teeny boppers wore Wet N Wild. Teenagers moved up to "higher end" drugstore brands, particularly Cover Girl. And adults? Grown up ladies wore Mary Kay. Those pink and white bottles and tubes with the little Mary Kay flower logo on them symbolized serious makeup, makeup for women with jobs, women who were beyond what could be found at Rite Aid. Mary Kay was aspiration makeup.

Fast forward a number of years, and, just before my 30th birthday, I finally start wearing makeup myself. Lots has changed, and the biggest change is Sephora. Suddenly, there is a whole world of "serious" makeup, and I am a fast addict, building a huge and expensive arsenal. One label that is missing from said arsenal? Mary Kay. Until now.

Mary Kay products
When BlogHer chose me to review a few of Mary Kay's products, I was beyond excited, both because I just plain love makeup and because I'd wanted to see what Mary Kay was offering these days. The selections I received were: a Mary Kay Compact Mini loaded with mineral eyeshadows in their hazel trio (Honey Spice, Hazelnut, and Cinneban) and a mineral blush in Shy; a tube of Ultimate Mascara in Black; and a tube of Tinted Lip Balm in Rose. Basically, they sent me everything I needed to be fully made up (on top of my base and primers). The compact is genius--it's tiny (smaller than the palm of my hand) and the eyeshadows and blush fit into it magnetically, with room underneath them for small brushes for both the shadow and the blush. The lip balm tube is also really small, and both could be shoved into a tiny clutch or even fit in a jacket pocket.

Mary Kay 5
My test was to use the products all together, as if they were all I had with me (on top of my typical morning routine moisturizer, etc.) I was very happy with the look. I was more subtle than what I normally wear, but very professional and pretty. I am typically an eyeliner wearer, and I did miss my liner, but I felt like the three colors Mary Kay picked out for my hazel eyes did a great job bringing them out. I followed the directions helpfully included in the packaging to wear all three colors--the medium brown on the lid, the darker red/brown in the corners, and the champagne/honey at the brow bone. I was also very happy with the blush, which is a subtle peach-pink and warmed up my barely-tan complexion just the right amount. The mascara went on easily, gave good thickening and lengthening coverage in one coat, and didn't smudge and didn't flake all day, even though I have sensitive eyes, so it got a gold-star as well. My hands-down favorite product, though, was the lip balm. The Rose shade is neutral perfection, and I could still feel and see the color at lunchtime. Huge win.

The biggest drawback of the products I was sent was the brushes that came in the compact. In order to fit, they have to be tiny, and I just do not have the hand-eye coordination required to use tiny brushes at 7am. I tried them, but quickly switched to using my regular brushes in order to get even application of the blush and the shadows. Since portability isn't key to me, I'll likely keep using it this way, but if the portable aspect were really important, I'm sure I could learn to use the itty bitty brushes with some practice.

Trying and being so excited about these products led me to pop on over to the Mary Kay site to see what else they have on offer. Wow! There is a ton of great looking stuff! I'm fascinated by the Shadow & Liner Duo Pens, which I think would be another fantastic throw-in-your-bag-and-go option (these are a limited edition product, so they're only available while supplies last), and I'd love to try the Cream Blush. The site also has this really neat Virtual Makeover tool, where you can load your own picture and "try on" the products virtually.

Are you sold yet? How about $100 in Mary Kay products of your own, would that do it? Thanks to Mary Kay and BlogHer, I can do that! For your chance to win a Mary Kay gift pack valued at $100, leave me a comment on this post and let me know which Mary Kay product you'd most like to try. For extra entries, blog or tweet or FB about this contest and link to it in a comment.

This contest will run through August 26.

No duplicate comments. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

To see other folks review these products and for other chances to win, visit the promotions & prizes section at BlogHer.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mary Kay. I remember the smell of it when my mom used to put in on when I was young. I think they've only improved since then. I would LOVE to try their foundations/coverups and some of their skin care product :)

Way to go on an awesome blog :)

Who doesn't love make up? I think I'd most like to try MK new(ish) mineral line. I love Bare Escentuals, but for some reason it makes my face itchy.

And here's my post on FB

I've used Mary Kay's skin care off on on for a few years now; I usually have a co-worker selling it, and when I get the extra ducats, I'll purchase it. I also love the oil-free eye makeup remover.

I'd like to try the eye-color matching eyeshadow. It would really streamline my morning routine!

I've never tried Mary Kay but of course have heard great things about them forever- I went to my first Mary Kay party when I was in high school (20 years ago) but as a teen, I couldn't afford anything. I'd like to try their skin care, especially the age-fighting products.

Posted about it to my FB as well.

I love their timewise line and the satin hands lotion is the best EVAH!

Timewise! That's the name of it. :)

Ooh - I love love love what the Timewise cleanser and moisturizer does to my skin - makes it glow and look fresh. What a great give away! :) And I love the look on you - very understated but you look great.

I used Mary Kay in high school when a woman we knew started selling it, but then I went through about 10 years where I didn't wear makeup at all, and I haven't ever tried it again.

Looks like I'm not elligible to win, but I facebooked it, so maybe you'll get some more hits that way.

Wow what a great giveaway!!!! I am brand new to the world of makeup and am a bit lost to be honest. I never know what colors to use or really how to put anything on. I was never taught and was barely interested before now. I recently got a bad haircut, as Grace knows, so I would love some free makeup to make me feel better. I would love to try their eyeshadows, as that seems to be the thing I am most comfortable with so far.

You look gorgeous! I'd love to try that lip gloss, I'm always looking for good neutrals with staying power!

mary kay makes a fabulous in the box (i haven't tried it yet) purple eyeliner. purple, i figure, is gonna the the color for winter.

I would really like to try that lip balm. This is the trickiest makeup for me. I really prefer natural colors.

I'd like to try one of those duo pens! I am in search of something to keep in my purse---

Just realized that I have never tried any of Mary Kay products but I would love to try someday!
It is quite surprising that I've never tried their products because I've been into makeup/beauty products for a couple years now (I was a late bloomer ;P) and I've always wanted to!
I googled the website to check out some of their products and WOW! So many promising products! I think I'm in a trouble hehe!

I would like to try a good foundation for my dry 52-year-old face. Age is creeping up on me and I'd like to enter my "Senior Years" as wrinkle free as possible.

I would love to try their foundations. I am looking for a good one!

I love Mary Kay.. great quality makeup! I'd like to try any of their timewise products!

I would really love to try the Satin Hands collection & the Cream to Powder foundation. What a fantastic giveaway! Yay!

I would really love to try that facial highlighting pen!

I adore Mary Kay but can seldomly afford it, I would love to try some great new eyeshadows and eyeliners
Kgkiml at yahoo dot com

I'd like to try the Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black

Love their eyeshdows, good variety

i'd like the tinted lip balm

I've used many different make-up brands over the years and most recently I have been using Mary Kay and finding I like it the best. The Time-wise products are wonderful and want to try many others. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this drawing!

I have dry skin so I'd love to try the Extra Emollient Night Cream.

That lip gloss looks amazing on you - I'd love to try that & the shadow/liner duo pens. I enjoy a set of eye color coordinated shadow from a drugstore brand (Almay?) so I'd like to try the Mary Kay version and see if it is even better.

I would like to try NEW! Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Tranquil Waters™ Fragrance Penci

i'd really like the satin hands!!

Ooooooooooh! I'd love to try the blush and mascara! Here is my post on facebook :D

I would love to try to find an awesome foundation. It is the one product that I have yet to find a favorite brand in. Fingers crossed!

Would love to try the blush, mine always blends away by end of the day!

id love to try the ultimate mascara!

I haven't bought new makeup since college. I graduated in 2000. I LOVE lip glosses, though, and I may steal my daughter's from time to time. I'd like to try lip glosses, and maybe some eyeshadow.

I never buy any “girly” products for myself. I would love to win this!

I love Mary Kay! I have been wearing it since I was 44!

I love, love Mary Kay! Would like to try face lotion w/sunscreen in it!!!

I'd love to try the tinted lip balm. Yes, the new smaller compact is awesome.

Yes, they have updated their products a lot. Among other things, I'd like to try the microdermabrasion set, the time wise moisturizer and I'd definitely buy their eyeliner (I used it before and I think I like it).

You've sold me on trying the Rose lip balm! I'd also like to try their foundation

I'd like to try the mascara - I'd given up wearing it, and would like to give it a try

I'd really like to try the lip balm and eye gel that you use in the morning to help reduce puffiness. I really like Mary Kay and have been using it for years, but these are a couple of products I've never used. The Time Wise is wonderful and makes my face super soft.

haven't tried MK in a long time. I would try the mineral makeup.

I'd like to try the cream blush. I used to wear Mary Kay when I was a teenager but haven't since switching to Bare Minerals, which makes my face itch. Maybe I'll be switching back. Thanks for the product reviews, always good to know how they work for someone before you buy.

My very first makeup product was a Mary Kay lip gloss that my mom bought me at one of her Mary Kay parties. I'd like to try the tinted lip balm and I also love the facial highlighting pen.

I would like to try their mascara the most. I have read great reviews for it.

I like Mary Kay. I have some.

I want to try Mary Kay! :D

I would love to win the very Best Makeup I have ever used

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in black

love to try

I'd like to try one of those duo pens!

I love Mary Kay products and I would like to try their eyeshadows.

Mary Kay is the only makeup I use, it is number one in my book! :D

My mother will only wear mary kay,so she'll be smitten if i could give her this

Eye shadows

I've used Mary Kay products since I was 23, now I'm 50. The products are great! With the financail crises being what it is I have not been able to buy anything new in several years. I would like to try their anti-aging line of products for this time in my life.

I've used Mary Kay products since I was 23, now I'm 50. The products are great! With the financail crises being what it is I have not been able to buy anything new in several years. I would like to try their anti-aging line of products for this time in my life.

I love their perfume Journey it is my fav and such a classic feminie scent

i would like to try this products

I would love to try Mary Kay products

I would love to try the TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex or the Mary Kay Tranquil Waters collection.

need this

would love to try Mary Kay!!

I would love to try the Brilliant Blue Mineral Eye Color Bundle, sounds like a great product! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway!


Love Mary Kay and would love to win this!

I love the eye shadow. I rarely use it but would like to try.

I love Mary Kay and would love to try the new mascara in Black; lipgloss in Coral Rose; eyeshadow in Almond and Sienna; lipstick in Icy Peach and Sunset; blush in Citrus Bloom and Strawberry Cream.

I tweeted, but I can't find the full URL. So, I'll just tweet everyday to help you find it.

I'D LOVE TO TRY THE "Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Shadow & Line Eye Duo. " IN BRUSHED COPPER

kytah00 at yahoo dot com

2ND ENTRY TWEET @!/kytah00/status/102452318427025409

kytah00 at yahoo dot com

I would love to try chocolate kiss eyeshadow.

Jeanette Huston


Jeanette Huston

I would love to try the Compact Mini! I love the idea that I can change the color and combination any time I want! :) Thanks for a chance to win.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

I have never used Mary Kay products but I think I would like to try their mineral line of makeup.

I've never used Mary Kay even though my boyfriend's sister is constantly trying to get me to try it. I'm low on funds so when I saw this giveaway I figured it was a sign for me to give it a whirl!! PLEASE CHOOSE ME!! If not to help me beautiful, to help me at least tell Amanda LISTEN I'VE TRIED IT AND I LOVE IT!

I have used Mary Kay since I went to a Party when I was in my 20's. It is a wonderful product and I am almost 50 and still use it my skin looks great. Mary Kay is a great value if you used the products as instructed..They have such wonderful colors and combinations for all age groups.. Takes the guess work out of Makeup and skin care.

I have used Mary Kay before (when my aunt sold it) and loved it, especially the foundation! My aunt does not sell it anymore, so I haven't been able to order the makeup as much as I did. I would love to try the new mineral makeup as well as facial moisturizers!!

Loovvee Mary Kay!!


I'd like to try the Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Colors.

The mascara is pretty fabulous, my tube is almost out and I want more! I love the set of shadows they sent you too!

Thanks for the chance to win! I'd love to try to Mineral Eye Colors, the colors in the compact look so beautiful and I'll try anything to make my eyes pop and look less "tired mama" like.

love mary kay products.

i would love to try some beautiful makeup like this..

I Love their mascara but I think I would like to try the eyeshadow too.

gmissycat at yahoo dot com

Tweeted this too.!/gmissycat/status/104200240663506945

gmissycat at yahoo dot com

I love Mary Kay cosmetics...would be so great to win. I especially would like to try their Sienna eyeshadows.

I love the colours of the eyeshadow... hopefully they would work with my blue eyes, fair complexion and red hair... because I'd pick the eyeshadow for sure!

I USE and LOVE MARY KAY! I'm out of moisterizer and the daily cream which works GREAT with my skin. Can't afford it right now so I hope to win! :)
Tweeted also,!/iluvwinning/status/104721225883975680

For me,timewise products are needed now

I am impressed with the description of the mascara.I am 59 and I have 2 age spots on my forehead ruins every photo I have taken. Do you have something to hide the age spots?

I have heard of Mary Kay but you had to know someone who sold it...I did not.

I also thought it was very that I am 59 I need good products..yes I do have some wrinkles but not severe just minimum but very noticeable to me.
I hope I win the $100 worth of products because I know I will love them and will want to purchase again and also try new products.

I would love to be considered for the gift pack that is being given away. I have acne and I heard that Mary Kay is a very good product. Thank you in advance for letting me participate.


I'd like try the mascara

I used MARY KAY makeup so much that I started selling it! Had to stop selling it and miss it all! Satin Hands - love love love it. Taupe lip color..Love Love. All of the products that are special areas products -- Love Love.

I would reallily like to try new mascara!

Any of the foundation/concealers(I have the worst dark under eye circles, and they make me so self conscious!) as well as mascara (I have yet to find a product that doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, but also stays on all day without flaking). I've pretty much just given up on make-up because I'm so bad at applying it, but I think I'll give it another go, and this is a great place to start. Thank you to Mary Kay and BlogHer for this great opportunity! Fingers crossed!

Would love to try their eyeshadow. I am sharing the link to your giveaway on my blog!

I'd love to try their mascara. I know Mary Kay is an elite brand and I bet theirs is awesome.

I love my eyelashes...but its hard to find a mascara I truely like so I would love to try the Ultimate Mascara in Black and see how it works out. its hard to find one that doesnt clump up or make them stick together. So im very interested...

I'd love to try the TimeWise® 3-in-1 Cleanser. The timewise line has some great products

I would most like to try the mascara. Always looking for the perfect one.

I haven't tried mary kay products in a long time but would love to try the mascara

I only use Mary Kay Cosmetics and have started both daughters on them as well.

I would love to try Mineral Powder Foundation,Bronze 3, Lash Love™ Mascara,I ♥ brown, Mineral Cheek Color,Golden Copper, NouriShine® Lip Gloss,Bronze Bliss, Mineral Eye Color Bundles,Beautiful Brown

I love these products! I would love most to try the mascara as it's sooooo hard to find a good one!

I love Mary Kay's Moisturizer

I would love to try the Waterproof Mascara in Black/Brown.

Thanks for the chance to win!

I have used Mary Kay in the past and i really liked it.

I would love to try the eyeshadow as it is my favorite makeup to experiment with. I would also like to try the tinted lip balm. I have been very interested in lip colors recently...

I would love to win this make up. I am 52 and need a make over.

Mascara...yes yes yes

Gee, I might like to try it all.

I just got an email about Mary Kay's Mineral eyeshadow bundle. I would love to try that! I really hope I win so I can try other products as well

I would like to try the Ultimate Mascara.

I love the foundations.

I love Mary Kaye's lipstick and perfume.

I would like to try the MK eyeshadow duos.

I really would love to try one or more of the face moisturizers.

I think this are really cool. Thanks for sharing

I would like to try the Mineral Cheek Color.

atreau at gmail dotcom.

Any of the eye shadows would be nice to try. I must admit, I'm a shadowholic.

Love Mary Kay and need to start back using it again. Would love to win some to start me off. Thanks

I'd like to try the MK Time Wise Matte Liquid Foundation.

Any Mary Kay product I have ever tried has been fantastic!!!

Love to try the Extra Emollient Eye creme for the antiaging process. Thanks SW

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